The Ol’ Shroom Inn

The Ol' Shroom Inn minecraft building ideas hotel house motel

Built by: SuiCia1_M0nKeY Hey guys! Thought i’d attempt something new and do a series of buildings with a fantasy theme for you to download and use for yourself/server whatever! I’ll post the buildings seperately with an individual download and then once completed I’ll upload a world with all the building together for easy access! Hope you like them! – Let me ... Read More »

Vanilla RC Helicopter

Vanilla RC Helicopter Minecraft building redstone command model

The designer: Igor_Timofeev This is fully functional RC helicopter in vanilla Minecraft. Watch the video to find out how it works. There are no mods and no resource packs so everything works with the usage of a world map only. Functionality: ● Flying in any direction ● Machine gun ● Remote bombs ● Remote camera ● Refuel and rearm ● ... Read More »

Lyme Park | England

Lyme park minecraft building ideas sandstone brick

The builder eagoy Welcome to my recreation of ¨Lyme park¨ situated southeast of Manchester. The recreation futures: – Lyme park house, including courtyard. – Lyme park greenhouse. – Several parts of directly connected enviremont towards the house. Ghost story =) The mistress of the Sir Piers Legh (R.I.P. 1422) loved him with all her heart. Yet the love couldn´t get public. ... Read More »

Galos Citadel

Galos Citadel Minecraft building ideas city town castle dragon

The builder GogocraftFR I’m really proud and excited too present you my new project : Galos Citadel by GogocraftFR  Description Hello everyone ! I’m proud and excited to present to you my last Build called “Galos Citadel”. This map is composed by a Citadel, a mausoleum, 2 ships, 4 dragons and a lot of houses. Tools Used Voxel Sniper WorldEdit Camera Studio ... Read More »

Lothlorien | LOTR

Lothlorien - LOTR Lord of the Rings Minecraft building ideas trees

Divici In J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium, Lothlórien is the fairest forest realm of the Elves remaining in Middle-earth during the Third Age. The realm plays an important part in The Lord of the Rings as the Elven centre of resistance against Sauron and is a symbol for the Elves’ aesthetics of preservation which provides a space ‘out of time’ for the ... Read More »

Elessar | The Forest Palace

Elessar the forest palace minecraft building ideas castle woods trees

The builder Bobely [EpiCube] Elessar, the forest palace. Build,terraforming and renders by Bobely89. (duck by Be_a_St, butterflies by Jojolapin18 and I ) map composed into : – a small “prehistorical type” village near to a giant Ent – an old city destroyed by a stone golem – a small elf type place -a mega build in a really fantasy style, terraformed ... Read More »

Fire Station Converted House | Modern

Fire Station Converted House modern building ideas minecraft

CircleCube1 was the builder. Hey Yall, This project is a converted Fire Station to Modern House. There is still some of the original brick walls and features of a fire station, ( sorry, no fire-mans pole)  but I have added and changed pretty much most of the interior.I’m sorry in advance for some of the tight spaces but hey, what can ... Read More »

BlockWorks Inc | Industrial

BlockWorks Inc Minecraft building ideas city iron industrial 2

The builders: BlockWorks B L O C K W O R K S   I N C. How builds are really made… BlockWorks Inc. is the headquarters of the BlockWorks building team. From this vast industrial complex BlockWorks produces builds of all styles, themes and sizes. Whether it be the molding of wall details, or the texturing of organic statues, all ... Read More »

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