Wayward Wonders | Fight bosses in the Wonders of the World!

Built by an amazing builder: m0ndy THE MAP Wayward Wonders is an open world “Complete the Monument” map with elements of both survival and adventure. The player(s) must explore the land to defeat the evil bosses that have taken over the Wonders of the world. THE MONUMENTS There are two monuments: The Adventure Monument (12 blocks) and the Wool Monument ...

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Castle Neuschwanstein| Scale 1:1

Castle Neuschwanstein in Minecraft Scale 1 to 1 Project  building ideas mountains

FR: Salut, aujourd’hui je viens vous présenter ma reproduction du château de Neuschwanstein dans Minecraft à l’échelle 1:1. C’est mon deuxième vrai build donc un peu d’indulgence merci   Le chateau n’est pas terminé, j’ai encore beaucoup de points à améliorer et je ferais des améliorations assez fréquemment. EN; Hello, today I show you the recreation of Castle Neuswchanstein in ...

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Natural Freedom | Book with Nature

Natural Freedom minecraft building ideas book mouse nature 1

Hey everyone, today i’m going to show you, my last project I made. The concept was to create a book, where the nature destroy it to be free ! We can see a cat, who wants to eat the bird on the tree. And a lot of other things. You cannot use it on your map or on your server ...

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Athens Valley

Athens Valley village mountain town minecraft building ideas blueprints

A Village styled build with a castle in front of it, with mountains surrounding it, lots of trees nature around the valley, with its own cinematic . Built by: hyperionhydra

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Box | Modern House

Modern house box minecraft building ideas home

A box style modern house i made for town streets . Has no furniture . I did a little update and added some bushes around the house, But lefted the tree because i dont see it much and i would love it in my own house. Texture pack used: Flows hd For the picture: Chuncky render Built by: Jimbobbob  

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Cops and Robbers 4: High Security

Cops and Robbers 4 High Security mini game minecraft building fun prison

Here is a mini game in which there are prisoners and you try to escape the jail. The build features multiple ways to escape such as running water holes, tunnels and more! With this game play you will need multiple buddies to play with as this is not a single player game. Version 4.4: High Security The biggest thing since ...

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Arch Village |Realistic Fantasy Kingdoms

Arch Village Realistic Fantasy Kingdoms castle town minecraft building ideas mountain

ARCH VILLAGE – REALISTIC FANTASY KINGDOMS Hello there, I’m proud to present you our actual project. During the last year we built a big world with more than one kingdom. We didn’t have a plan, we just started building castles and cities. At the end we got a big, pretty map with nice landscapes, structured towns and castles. The work ...

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Greenville | Idyllic Village

GREENVILLE idyllic village for download Map Schematics minecraft building ideas blueprints 15

Let’s start american patriotism. This is a small modern & idyllic US village with typical american houses and american flags It’s just a small project, nothing like my other huge projects. On my download link you can find two files: 1. for the map itself and 2. for the schematics (You need MCEdit). The buildings are mostly empty, so that ...

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Realistic Desert and Mountain Terrain

Realistic desert and mountain terrain minecraft building locations world map

After a 3 month brake I am finally back with a new project. I want to thank all my subscribers for there inspiration. Story: Sorry I had no idea for a story about this terrain. If you have an idea please write a comment. MaP size is 2k. Includes multiple biomes Desert Forrest Spruce Forest Mountains This map is survival game play ...

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Ocean CityScape Towers

Ocean Cityscape minecraft building ideas blueprints towers white

Here is an amazing little city constructed of skyscrapers with a little modern castle feel to them. The perfect way to wake up every morning to the sunrise while enjoying the waves on the ocean. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Open the download file in the latest version of Minecraft ONLY! For some reason it glitches out in older versions, ...

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