Prismarine Cathedral

Prismarine Cathedral minecraft building ideas blueprints download save

This is my cathedral. I built 95% of it and 3 others helped me finished the reaming other 5%.  Be sure to watch the video to get a much better view! Don’t forget to check out the angel statue! The detail is amazing! built by: mutzelhd  

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Cythera City

Cythera minecraft city download balloon ideas build

Story. A kingdom for 3 towns, 5 factions, many villages and with random structures, castles & ruïnes. The main town with the red banners is also the biggest and most important and is located in a forest. The second town with the blue banners is made as an enemie and life mostly in the snow area. The third town with green banners are ...

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Abandoned Caribbean Castle

Abandoned Caribbean Castle minecraft building download save ideas 8

This is just a quick build that I made for fun, and I just felt like sharing it with you guys. Special thanks to EnderWorkbench for the epic cinematic video! If you like builds like this let me know by giving me a diamond, commenting or perhaps even favouriting! Built by: prof_artifex

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Small Cozy Suburban House

Small Cozy Suburban House minecraft blueprints building ideas

Small Suburban home. With Download. Tell me what you think! ResourcePack: FlowsHD OBS: There is a secret room! download the world and comment if you can find it! Built by: ironking

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Temple of the Spirit of Cherry Blossom

Temple of the Spirit of Cherry Blossom minecraft Chinese 01

Hello everyone! We are happy to present you our first finished project! It was originally meant to be just an experimentation but as it was quite small, it gave us the possibility to have a first finished project. ^^ Most of the work has been done in one week in August but the project has really been slowed down then ...

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Pirate Galleon | Full Interior

1st rate Pirate Galleon full interior download minecraft sea 1

~*{The Emerald Queen}*~ Description So, here we are having come full circle, this is a remake of my first serious ship, The Emerald Queen, now ofcourse, a hundred times more serious I built this to be the ultimate Pirate ship basically. This is easily, the best ship I’ve done, and I’m quite proud of it, it got the best hull, ...

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Castillo | Isla Alta

Castillo - Isla Alta minecraft building ideas blueprints video download  01

For this particular project, we created a majestic castle perched precariously atop a rocky island in the middle of the ocean. With its walls bristling with cannons and its towering cliffs which can dash ships to pieces, this fortress is virtually impregnable, and able to withstand any siege. We hope you enjoy this latest creation from us, and be sure ...

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Kanomata’s Modern House

Kanomata's Modern House minecraft build home download blueprints 03

This is my first modern building. It was a little hard because I have never built this type building. I hope you enjoy Resource Pack: Flow HD built by: Kanomata

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Swamp Lake City

Swamp Lake City minecraft building ideas 01

Here is a look at what I’ve got done so far on this project I’ve been doing for the last few months. I called the city Swamp lake city because it was built over a lot of swamps. Lots of modern houses and buildings on a simple city layout. I failed a bit with the roads but hope to work ...

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Aranel |The Lost Island

Aranel The Lost Island well built minecraft building ideas 02

Aranel, The Lost Island ‘ Exodia Build ‘ Team is proud to show you her new project : ‘ Aranel, The Lost Island ‘. This map was created during the Mineserv Exposition’s Battle Build organized by ‘ Language Craft Team ‘ in 2014. The idea was to create a beautiful map with a huge part of RolePlay. Indeed, the story ...

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