Colossus | Controllable Attack Robot | No Command Blocks

Colossus - Controllable Attack Robot  No Command Blocks minecraft building ideas amazing

Minecraft Redstone Robot Colossus. Coming to a village near you soon. The most advanced piece of redstone I have ever made. Fully functional and controllable by a single player. This video explains how you can operate it: Feel free to leave a diamond if you want to help give this build more exposure. I have been working on this on ...

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Filibusters’s Coast | A Pirate Bay

Filibusters Coast a Pirate Bay cove minecraft building spooky scary terraform lush tropical 3

After a plenty different projects for other servers, Lyrah is finally back to present “Filibusters’s Coast, a Pirate Bay” This map is composed of two villages, one of ffishermen and the second one of pirates. The whole in a marvelous and lush tropical terraforming. Français —————– Après plusieurs commissions , l’équipe est de retour pour vous présenter “Filibusters’s Coast, une ...

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Chateau de Morangy

Chateau de Morangy minecraft building ideas

Bonjour, here comes my new project called Château de Morangy. This project is a large palace built in the style of the architecture of the XVIIth ventury in France. This Palace is inspired by the palace of Vaux-le-Vicomte for the disposition of the rooms, and by the Château de Dampierre for the exteriors and general design. The building is surrounded by ...

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Modern Apartments 2

Modern Apartment 2 minecraft building ideas skyscraper tower live beach front 2

This is a second modern Flat / Apartment I built. It uses a lot of blocks to make most of m are clay blocks. Its not really survival friendly but you can make 1 room. I tried my best to make a cool room. Also check out TOP-Room its the penthouse. To get to the Apartments position: Chords: 11 65 ...

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BP Gas Station

BP Gas Station The Block Society minecraft realistic fuel city town building ideas

This is a realistic recreation of a BP petrol (gas) station.  This build is based on an real life petrol station, and was built in one day with help from three other people. I am currently practicing and experimenting with realistic building, and so there may be a few faults in my creations. I eventually aim to move this to a ...

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Mediterranean Wine Store | Grapes

Grapes Mediterranean WineStore vinyard farm modern minecraft building

Meditteranean WineStore Welcome to Grapes, a winestore built by Badlife Industries   Includes: Store Bathroom Employee Meeting Rooms/Offices Outdoor Pool Pool Facilities Sitting Area Outdoor Bar by: yamichetan

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Castle Karazhan

Castle Karazhan minecraft building ideas stone wall village

First, I’d like to thanks & credit Heaven_Lord for letting me use his medieval tower and gate design I’ve used for the castle wall. I call it castle karazhan because it is indeed deeply inspired by the WoW dungeon Karazhan! Just keep in mind, this is not a 100% accurate recreation. Must of the karazhan stuff is there and some ...

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Victorian Home | WoK

Victorian Home WoK minecraft building ideas house interior finished country porch

Hi! It’s Fahd showing you another build – a Victorian Home! This summer-time open-plan home includes everything need in a luxury home, such as an kitchen open to a living room, a dining area and the foyer, bedrooms and bathrooms! :3 Help me to get to 400 subscribers and level 38? That would be very fantastic indeed, daahhhlinggs! If you ...

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Wapen von Hamburg | Ship

Wapen von Hamburg Full interior build  World DL minecraft building ideas sea ship boat sails

~ Wapen von Hamburg III~ Description The Wapen von Hamburg was a german built 2nd rate ship of the line during 17th century, it is the third ship to beaer the name, and the most powerful with 70 guns. In the years 1662 – 1667 the City of Hamburg lost altogether 13 trading vessels to pirates, and the shipping of ...

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Castle of WhiteCliff | Mountains, Motte and Wall

Castle of WhiteCliff minecraft building ideas download mountain clif gate wall

Hi everyone! I have finished my castle finally, after 6 months of building it.. The castle was made on a flat map and I’ve made a mountain and water around it.There is a big gate with walls and towers, that’s the only exit from the castle with a big bridge down to ground level. The Castle is 100% done with ...

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