PineVale Mansion

PineVale Mansion fantasy house minecraft building ideas world save download

The build is called PineVale Mansion and was originally an experimental build to practice a structure based around French chateau style. I liked where the build was going so after I finished the building I decided to then build terrain around. I then got carried away with the concept and it basically turned into practice for organics (something I really …

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Humble Homestead

Humble Homestead minecraft building download save schematic cottage home

Introducing my newest project, ‘Humble Homestead’. This is a solo build which has taken me around 2 months to complete and was built on the Blockworks Creative server. The size is around 550×470 and 256 blocks tall but it would of been alot taller if not for the height limit. It originally started as just a brick wall and has …

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The Eighth Hour

The Eighth Hour minecraft building ideas island city town story download save 8

The Story The time keeper stepped back, and began to marvel the transitions, the mechanics, the universal design of the masterpiece. The positioning of each component; calculated to perfection. The flow of the rushing rivers flowing through each valley, the rugged peaks hiding mysterious and unseen treasures, each zone more developed than the previous. The creation, era’s in the making, …

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Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital

Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital minecraft building ideas download save

Sydney’s Second Best Kept Secret is a rare, unchanged example of a late 19th century major institutional complex, which was built in one major phase, and survives along the foreshores of Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River. The only other surviving example is Callan Park. This building, designed by John Sulman, was commissioned following the death of Thomas Walker in …

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Renaissance Manor

Renaissance Manor minecraft building ideas download plantation house

This “magnificent” home I freestyled couple days ago, with the following: 5 bedrooms 4,5 bathrooms Kitchen Office Living Room Grand Story with Giant Fireplace Dining Rooo Game Room Poll 2 Garages 2 Staircases Storage Rooms Tea Room The pain I went through making this beauty, the time I spent on it, you will never know. I don’t care how it …

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Float Away

Float Away islands minecraft building inspiration amazing land terrain

Float Away This project is a prove of concept. At the core of all my build is the conquest resource pack. A very technical pack such is the nature of the pack that the best builders bypass single player and head to a specialized server to utilize it. This build was made 100% in single player. I used world edit …

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Glaricus Castle

Glaricus minecraft castle building ideas home tower fantacy

Old build I’e had stocked up for a while. I don’t really like the projects but having it just on me was annoying me soooooo, here it is! Built by: IRudim    

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Sauzelor’s World by Bedporsche

Sauzelor's World by Bedporsche DeepAcademy minecraft building ideas fantasy download

I’m really proud to present you my latest map: Sauzelor’s World. I created it to apply to the community DeepAcademy. It’s my biggest project to date. I really hope you will enjoy this map! It’s a fantastic map, where everything can happen to you. First of all, read all the description please! And specifically the map specificity! Built by: Bedporsche …

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Divinity | Fantasy Castle

My Last Build- Divinity minecraft building design download save future fantasy

I would like to thank everyone in the building community for supporting me through an everlasting journey consisting of reign, terror, glory and vanity. Recently, I’ve found that being involved and commuting to the build community had doubtedy limited my potential in other subjects, and that if I were not to inform of my inactivity then I would disappear into …

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City On A Cloud

City on the cloud minecraft building ideas download skyscraper tall office

In 2115, the “Sameness For Better Future” scheme was launched; Over 150 countries acceded to the agreement. As part of the master plan, every innovator, dreamer and scientist were banished from Planet Earth. However, they did not give up on hope yet. Instead, they started their own civilization and built the city of tomorrow on the clouds. One day, you …

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