Large Victorian House

Victorian House Home download mincraft amazing quartz wrap around

This victorian house uses yellow stained clay, lime stained clay, quartz, and stone bricks as the main building materials. I also used andesite as a foundation and some red brick details mixed into the structure. The house exterior consists of a wrap-around porch that leads to a backyard patio. There is a driveway that leads to a small garage house ...

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Alitheia – Wings of Justice | Modern Greek Courthouse

Alitheia Wings of Justice Modern Organic Greek Courthouse minecraft amazing builds

Alitheia – Wings of Justice Hello! This was a very complicated build I’ve had, inspired by Justitia, and the TV show Daredevil apparently. Had to rush this a bit in time for the Week In Review, if it is actually counted. Couldn’t do the sword in time but will make an update for it; at least the Scale with the ...

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The Escape | Modern House

The Escape Modern House 1.8 minecraft building ideas download save

Well Hello! Welcome to The Escape. This house is a modern vacation home. I created it myself. This House has no interior. That job is up to you!! (Resource Pack- Flow’s HD) (Shaderpack- KUDA Shaders 0.5.0 v5) Again, Thanks for all the support on my builds!:) Leave me feedback in the comments! Built by: SacredDiamonds

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Mushroom Repository

Mushroom repository minecraft building ideas lentebriesje download terrain decor

In this repository there are mushrooms with 16 different stained clay colours and they come in 10 different object shapes per colour. The underside of all mushrooms are made out of mushroom blocks. These models are NOT advised for survival minecraft, but i’m not your parent, do whatever. I suggest these models to be used with the fantasy tree repository as they match ...

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Laorën Minecraft awesome build ideas download save 5

English Hi everyone, I present you “Laorën” my last project. This map consists of a mega-build of his village . I hope you will like it ! This construction was built on @LanguageCraft’s server , thanks to them 😀 Thanks for looking at it, and cya soon ! Français  Bonjour à tous, Je vous présente “Laorën”, mon dernier projet. Cette ...

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Frostbite Island

Frostbite frozen island ice cold minecraft building ideas huge face mountain

This build began as a team project, which was going to be the teams first post to PMC, until disaster struck. A worldedit failure, 24million blocks passed on top of the build, and the build was ruined. The laptop i had wasn’t strong enough to handle the lag this stuff up causes, so we abandoned it… A few weeks later, ...

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Cyrishia | Minimal Modern House

Cyrishia Minimal Modern House building ideas amazing download

In this project I put all my fancy. I can’t explain you how it’s difficult to imagine-create-build a house from zero , but I think that a lot of guys , like me, had the same problem …. However this isn’t a difficulty because it’s the main process to get the best from a person , and this is what I ...

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The land of Whisper #1 | The Academy

The land of Whisper 1 The Academy minecraft building ideas amazing awesome church

Hello ! As you can see, this is … a build. haha. I wanted to build a neo gothic themed academy, but it looks like a church a little bit. I built it to improve my personal style : I wanted a build something without too much details, Something simple and nice. I’ll build more stuff using this style for the ” ...

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Benedictine Palace | A Neo-Gothic palace

Benedictine Palace A Neo-Gothic palace minecraft building ideas amazing stone old

After two and a half months of active work, I am finally proud and able to show you my reproduction of the Benedictine Palace, situated in France, Normandie. Once again, this is my creation. Nobody except me placed a bloc on this project. This build is a mix between two different styles. Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance. These are two types of architecture that I ...

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Climate Hope City

Climate Hope City Minecraft building ideas download amazing crazy dome 3

Climate Hope City by BlockWorks, Adam Clarke and Dragnoz This Minecraft city was created as part of the Guardian’s Keep it in the Ground campaign. Parts of it may look unusual, but it is not meant as a pie-in-the-sky vision of the future. All of the features you will see are either already in place in cities around the world or exist ...

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