Grandeena | Castle

Grandeena Castle minecraft builds amazing tower bridge waterfall sky

This is Grandeena, the cliffside castle built on Pandoras Blocks solely by me. The build took a couple of weeks to complete and used parts from other scrapped builds that i built throughout my time on PB. This build is one of my most favorite builds and enjoyed building it! I want you to enjoy it as well! If you ...

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Stalingrad | Blood on the Volga

Stalingrad Blood on the Volga war minecraft building ideas battlefield amazing

In the summer of 1942, As part of the operation known as Case Blue, Adolf Hitler ordered the German 6th army, under the command of Friedrich Paulas, and its associated Luftwaffe air units to secure a city on the Volga river, to tighten the Wehrmacht’s grip on Soviet oil supplies coming from Baku, as well as to defend the northern ...

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Regensbergen Castle

Regensbergen minecraft castle building ideas download hill top wall city

Over the past 3 weeks I have been working on my athion contest entry. And this is the result! Thank you Alice_ for helping me with the castle and thank you AreoTY for making the beautiful shader screenshots! So this is the city of regensbergen, as the city name suggests it should be somewhere in western europe, set in about ...

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Ye Olde Tower

Ye Olde Tower minecraft building ideas castle fun amazing huge

I started this project a few years ago with a friend, now on our private server. We tried to make a huge building, in which dozen generations of people lived, so we first built a “frame” (empty tower), then we added houses, corridors, modifying walls. There are several level, the lower ones are entirely filled with various public buildings, houses, ...

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Tudor Mansion

Tudor Mansion minecraft building ideas big amazing house home download interior

This is my first Tudor Style Mansion I have ever attempted.  The build took about a week and a half to complete.  There are bunch of unique features this house has to offer, such as being built for both creative and survival.  The house was built with a custom Moartex and I used both Seus and Rudo Plays shaders.  You ...

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Signature Towers | Dancing Towers

Signature Towers Dancing Towers skyscraper amazing tall big download

Hello, Ryer here! This is probably one of my favorite skyscraper proposals in Dubai, so I recreated it! Say hello to Zaha Hadid’s Signature Towers! Recreated in Minecraft and ready for your viewing pleasure. These towers were proposed as the centerpiece ofBusiness Bay in Dubai and are the winners of a international skyscraper competition. They consist of three curving or ...

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Mountain and Floating Island Generator | Command Block

mountain and floating island generator with only lone command block pastebin amazing easy

Hello everyone! This week I worked on a generator: a Mountain & Floating Island generator! Create awesome landscapes without downloading anything. All you have to do (as always) you need to copy the command from the pastebin website. Click on the pastebin link below to get the command. COMMAND INFO  Command  length: 31’511 characters Maximum command block space:  32’767 characters Time spent to make this ...

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Courtyard Server Hub | 4 Portals

Courtyard Hub 4 Portals minecraft spawn building download world save creative survival

Hello! Today I present you with another hub I finished recently. A diamond or any form of feedback will be appreciated as I am putting this build up for download. By default, this hub includes the following portals: Creative Factions Mini Games Survival Feel free to change them as to your liking but note that you may NOT take credit ...

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Airbus A300-600 | Monarch Airlines

Airbus A300-600 Monarch Airlines airplane fly wings big plane download amazing

Hello people I’m back with weekly aircraft. The first week of July has passed and here I have the legend A300. Monarch has retired its entire A300 fleet in April 2014, marking the end of 23 years’ service for the carrier. Is a British airline based at Luton Airport, operating scheduled flights to destinations in the Mediterranean, Canary islands, Cyprus, ...

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The Last Breath

The Last Breath LordBlock Application Minecraft building ideas download dragon monster

I’m really proud to present you my last map: The last breath. This map has been created to apply to LordBlock, a French builder community. This is my biggest project for now, it took me around 2 months to complete it. I really hope you will enjoy it! This map represent the last day of a greek civilisation. The style ...

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