Medieval Playerhome

Medieval Playerhome fantacy minecraft building ideas download save 2 story house home

Hey guys and thanks for checking out my project. This medieval house was supposed to be my player home on the Adrundaal-Server. It was a bit inspired by the Eldor Castle but turned out very different. As the city was the opinion that the house doesn’t fit to their concept, I decided to build a plot sized landscape around it and …

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Tralfamador’s Amazing Floating Circus

Tralfamador’s Amazing Floating Circus minecraft building ideas download save crazy huge

Hey guys, this is a build I recently made for something, which did not turn out how i hoped, so I decided to use it as my 100 subscriber mark build! Hope you like it ! Don’t forget to leave a Comment. -Brow30535 I will allow this map to be used. However you MUST give me credit when using it. Please …

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Polaris Skyscraper

Polaris Minecraft Skyscraper 25 tall future fancy tree building ideas

Almost done with this block, just a few more to go. This is Polaris, located directly in between Lillian and Ontario Towers. This is currently (Technically, its quite slow going) under construction. This is a 1:1 scale mockup, and features all the parts of the structure the source material has. It is fairly tall, and quite large in girth compared …

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Future CITY 3.1

Minecraft Future City by Zeemo 3.1 skyscrapers tall buildings cities parks amazing huge 2

A city with many buildings in a futuristic style… “You’re looking for something different.  You want to see another world. Just climb in the most amazing skytrain and see the city like never before. Walk along the new Pool Alley.  See the new pyramid. Admire the most amazing, Alliance Ark.  Visit the museum and see dinosaurs.  Or simply walk around the …

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Modern Condo / Apartment

Modern Condo Apartment building minecraft ideas download save city complete

Top on the morning to you Lads! Today I have made me a Modern Condo/Apartment! And It took me like 16 hrs to build this. And I suck at furnishing I recommend you using the Flows HD when using the map. And Hope you enjoy it! Built by: LEMMiNO Loading...5/51

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World of Worlds

World of worlds 6

Just one world with buildings from more than 25 cities all around the world… New-York, Chicago, Los-Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, St-Louis, San-Francisco, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Paris, London, Roma, Pisa, Frankfurt, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Taipei, Sydney, Seattle …and more !! Loading...5/51

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The Northern City

The Northin City by team Glassman minecraft building ideas download save amazing complete finished

As the dawn of Christmas Eve approaches, Santa and his workers are more busy than ever. All the presents need to be finished for every little child in the world. Therefore over the years, the factory has developed into a town, and further into a city. Transportation started being developed, train stations were made for the workers, whom produced all the …

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Twisted Christmas

Twisted Christmas village minecraft building idea holiday gift present tree cottage giner bread houses town center

Twas the week before Christmas, when all though the web not a player was building, not even a dev. The houses were built by the builders with care in hopes that the players would soon be there. The tree in the center, glinted with glitter and the uploads were made to Facebook and Twitter. The tinsel was draped and the …

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Organic Dragon | Lost In The Frost

Organic dragon Lost in the frost minecraft build castle sky floating save

A medium sized build featuring a dragon with sails on its back and a castle . Fun little lore : “On the anniversary, he weeps.With cold remorse for his old master, the great dragon sheds a frozen tear in his memory.  Upon a lake of ice is his final resting place, and on the day he died, so many years …

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Santa’s Outpost

Santa's Outpost minecraft building ideas xmas 2015 download save holiday nortern lights

In the blink of an eye the time to celebrate and make merry is upon us again, the time we find old Christmas knocking upon our front doors imploring us to bid him enter. A time as the old miser Scrooge once affectionately described as “find(ing) yourselves paying for bills without money; a time for finding yourself a year older …

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