Medieval Fort | Build your own Fort

Medieval Fort Build your own Fort minecraft castle finish building ideas interior exterior

Hello , today I bring this new project , it is an empty medieval fort. The idea is that you build your own Fort inside this walls and towers.  Its fully surrounded and ready for all your hard work! Don’t forget to send us some screenshots of your finished project!! built by: Templario1408  

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Play As Thor In Vanilla Minecraft

Play as thor in vanilla minecraft fun mod easy how to

Thor in Vanilla Minecraft Minecraft Project I recreated Thor in Vanilla Minecraft! Just download this map and prepare for an amazing experience with many different abilities! Before you jump into things though, please read the following points! -Play on 1.8.3! -This map only works for singleplayer! -This is a very CPU intensive map. I recommend putting all your settings to ...

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Oslo Bar & Grill | Wok

Oslo Bar & Grill Wok minecraft building ideas modern town

Welcome to the Oslo Bar and Grill! The 4th S.A.L.T. Official Build, and also the Third Avalon Morrisetti Commercial Project on the World of Keralis server. This Lovely and Classic Barouque Style Bar and Grill Features a Classic Brick and Dark oak wood facade, Can Accomodate seating for 10; 4 at bar tables, and 6 at the main bar. A full ...

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The Eyrie | Game of Thrones

The Eyrie Game of Thrones Minecraft building ideas downlaod save tv show hbo

“The Eyrie is the ancient seat of House Arryn. It is situated in the Mountains of the Moon astride the peak known as the Giant’s Lance, several thousand feet above the valley floor below. It’s considered impregnable to attack.” This is a 1:1 interpretation of the Eyrie, as depicted on the Game of Thrones TV show. It’s a massive castle, suspended in the air atop a huge ...

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The Fear of Space | Rendered Cinematic

The Fear of Space Rendered Cinematic minecraft building ideas download city

Recommend to watch the rendered cinematic. This took over 20 hours to render. This is a project I have been working on for the past few months. Thank you all for taking the time to view this project. Support on Youtube and a diamond would be greatly appreciated. I would like to give thanks to MC Architects Union for providing ...

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Days of Creations | The Bridge City of Non Anor | Star Wars

TheReawakens Days of Creations The Bridge City of Non Anor Minecraft building ideas download town snow winter tower

A special time of TheReawakens, here to bring you a bunch of creations Server IP: Website: A new creation from TheReawakens server, in the special event “Days of Creations”, where we will bring a lot of great content to all of you guys. We will bring you some of the smaller great projects, but also some of the large scale that have ...

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Tomorrowland disney minecraft gameplay city adventure theme park building ideas futuristic

Built by the BlockWorks Team Commissioned by Disney, this is our Minecraft version of the fantastical futuristic city from the film, Tomorrowland. The city of Tomorrowland is a Utopian vision of a beautiful, futuristic city – built and lived in by the world’s greatest minds. A place where anything is possible, Tomorrowland is an urban dreamworld of epic proportions. Huge thanks ...

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Excelsior Cathedral

Excelsior Cathedral download foggy church castle minecraft build ideas

The Cathedral from my world Excelsior, hope you like! Please give me tips, ideas and comments down below of what i should change add, or build next! The cathedral is 95 blocks long and 45 blocks wide. built by: Regnum

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Prometheus Deluxe

Download Prometheus Deluxe minecraft building ideas schematic tower skyscraper statue

Prometheus Deluxe was one of the bigger known hotel establishments in Rapture run and owned by Augustus Sinclair. It was used by upper class guests as it was situated in the better area of Rapture. After the break out of the Civil War is was used as a shelter for refugees. It didn’t receive any serious damage during the war. Developer: Fontaine Futuristics and Ryan Industries ...

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MinePark | A Minecraft Theme Park

MinePark A Minecraft Theme Park building ideas fun download cool world 8

iRiZ Gaming has been working on this theme park with extreme dedication and integrity for the past couple of weeks. It features multiple coasters, mazes, parkour, mini golf, pixel art and more! Please leave comments and suggestions below, as we will be updating the map with tweaks!

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