Primal Portal | Steampunk Dinosaurs

Primal Portal - Steampunk Dinosaurs minecraft building download t-rex bird

For this newest project, we created a great portal from a mysterious land opening into a blank world, lifeless and pristine; an untouched canvas. Out from this portal comes a host of great and mighty Mesozoic Monsters! Not only are they giant reptiles, but they are also made even stronger by the metal in their bones and the machinery that ...

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Giant Fantasy Mushroom

Giant Fantasy Mushroom minecraft building ideas download inspiration

I’ve been told, bigger is better so here it is! The biggest fantasy mushroom you will ever see! Adding houses and what not was really hard because of the size.  I tried some new stuff with this build and I think it came out nicely!  On the mushroom I have a couple houses a market square, a couple farms and ...

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Niteal | The Lost Kingdom McBcon

Niteal - The Lost Kingdom McBcon minecraft building castle idea amazing how dragon

Today we present to you Niteal,  a project which we have been working on for the past month and a half. It has been the work of our whole team and some others – helpers. This project was an attempt to create a detailed and interesting map which can also be used. This is our first build as a team ...

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Tarsia | The Immortal Palace

Tarsia The Immortal Palace minecraft building ideas download save castle tower future

Built by: AlkapuleCreation Hi everybody ! Today It is my pleasure to present my Deep academy application, a build made in 7 months, who has had some breaks. This build is reality 2 months of hard work. I hope you like it ! Enjoy :3 ———-Français———- Bonjour à tous ! Aujourd’hui j’ai l’honneur de vous présenter ma Deep academy application, ...

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Flying Apartments

Flying Apartments minecraft building ideas download amazing

Flying apartments i made using tilt modern apartment building. Could be used as a spawn but still needs a bit of work done to it if you want to use it as a spawn. This build did not turn out as good as i wanted it but arr well.Better luck next time i hope. The build has 4 tennis courts,pools,elevator ...

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Futuristic Palace V2

Futuristic Palace V2 minecraft building ideas download sea water tower amazing 2

English Hello, I’m proud to show you my new map : futuristic palace The size of the build is 300×300 Français Salut a tous, Aujourd’hui je vous présente une toute nouvelle map : futuristic palace Les dimensions du build sont de 300×300. TexturePack: onigiris/default Built by: _Killerack_

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Skyscraper 14

Skyscraper 14 minecraft build ideas download tall amazing business 2

Hello, Ryer here! I have a small thing to share! This is a skyscraper partially inspired by a skyscraper somewhere in China, of all places. There is not too much to say about it, it’s fairly tall… it is white and black… maybe I can talk about the facad! Heres an experiment: Get a nail, and hammer. Put the nail ...

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A Small Modern Office Building

A Small Modern Office Building minecraft building ideas download save

Here is a small modern office building equipped with some offices, cubicles and a break room. Top floor includes executive offices with private bathrooms and a balcony in the corridor. This building is also up to date in fire code, including a stairwell plus along with an elevator. Parking is $5.00 an hour for regular employees, and executives have their ...

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Anno 2070 Recreation 01: Leisure Center

Anno 2070 Recreation 01 Leisure Center minecraft bulding ideas tower amazing render

This is my attempt at recreating “Leisure Center” from the game “Anno 2070”, developed by Bluebyte Studio and published by Ubisoft. I tried to stick to the game as much as possible, with interiors done according to structures seen in the monument’s building stages. I was inspired to build this by the Eco City project done by Orion 9596, however, none ...

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Castle of Red

castle of red minecraft building ideas download massive huge amazing bridge

As with most of my projects, the Castle of Red got about halfway completed before i got bored and moved onto the next build. A year later, its finally finished! This build is world height (256 blocks tall), about 180 blocks wide, and about 630 blocks long, with a custom landscape and trees. It has no interior. For now its ...

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