• The Moon | Landscape

    The Moon | Landscape

    Some words from the builder GeerafMinecraft Hey guys! So, I have always wanted to make the moon. I h...

  • Supermarket


    Some words from the builder TraditionalBuilders *beep* *beep* “Your total is $15.20, thanks fo...

  • Cathedral Vivaldi

    Cathedral Vivaldi

    Some words from the builder DivineMedicus So, this is my very first attempt at a Gothic Cathedral. I...

  • Castle Dravulkan

    Castle Dravulkan

    Some words from the builder Jalaric1 Castle Dravulkan is located on a remote rock it lies far from c...

  • Hypelia Castle

    Hypelia Castle

    Built by Linard Hi everyone! This is a project I’m working on recently in single player. This ...

Soveriin – The End of Aurae | Town

Soveriin The End of Aurae minecraft building townhall city village

Building team: Aurae -View on 1.7 to avoid glitches and problems -View with  Conquest and Connected Textures on Sad to see this team go, but they did a pretty damn good job! Well guys, I guess this is it. The end of the journey. After about a year, Aurae has officially come to an end. Due to members being pre-occupied with life, or ... Read More »

Kingdom of Azerian | Oriental Capital

Kingdom of Azerian - Oriental Capital minecraft castle mountain build

Built by Fischsuppe In January I started a small Egypt/oriental themed build after a slow and small start i decide to make it bigger, several months later i am finally able to release my ABS APP ! Lore The vicious battle came to an end in the relentless winds of the great Azerian desert. A moment of silence as the colossal ... Read More »

Missile Wars Mini Game for 1.8.1

Missile Wars Mini Game for 1.8.1 minecraft logo

The builders: SethBling & Cubehamster Missile Wars is a vanilla Minecraft mini-game where you launch missiles to destroy your opponent’s portal, while defending your own! Launch missiles by right clicking on the ground with missile eggs to launch missiles to the opponents portal and shield. Use any means to destroy incoming missiles. A combination of: Slimeblock Flying Machine, TNT Explosions, Parkour, ... Read More »

Argonath – The Gate of Kings | LOTR

Argonath - The Gate of Kings Minecraft gateway brick build ideas

The builder Divici This is full scale of Argonath statues. I hope with this you can understand how big my Middle Earth project. And you can tell why my Middle Earth project taking so long to make. LOTR – Wiki The Argonath, also known as The Gates of Argonath or The Pillars of Kings, is a monument comprising two enormous statues carved in the likenesses ... Read More »

Monster University Frat Houses

MU frat houses Monster University minecraft building inc college school learning

The recreator: Mezaka As said in the last posts of mine, these frat houses are part of the Monster University (by Pixxar) build, that i never finished. Still here are my builds of the frat houses. I tried to stay very close to the concept art i found on pixxars blog about them. Further builds will follow…   Read More »

Gear Motors | Car Dealership

Gear Motors modern car dealership minecraft building ideas

The builder Skiasa_ Welcome to Gear! A modern Car dealership I built on the BlockSociety which functions as a car repository. Wether you have a modern city or a medieval city an excellent way to improve it is by adding vehicles. I wanted to make a large car repository for tbs, so I created this car dealership its far from complete but I have a ... Read More »

Plutopia – Floating Worlds

Plutopia floating worlds citys tree planets minecraft building ideas 2

Meet the builder: Plutouthere Never thought I would finish this project at the rate I was going.. But here it is! For you all to enjoy. After a lot of thought I decided to make it my first and last attempt at getting in the Angel Block Society. I figure if I don’t get in, well this is about as creative/good ... Read More »

Meiva – Dance of the Elements | Survival Map

Download Meiva - Dance of the Elements  Survival Map Download volcano island frozen wasteland

  Welcome to Meiva! From magic gardens of Azorzeia to the lands of perfect balance. Lonely wanderer travels to Meiva to search there for the way to his lost home Theia. Overview Meiva archipelago consists of two islands – Whedab & Mitne. Whedab is opposite to Mitne – Whedab is cold and dark but Mitne is warm and overgrown with ... Read More »

Pophasus | Town

Pophasus minecraft city town old medieval kingdom build ideas 2

The art of the city always reflects it’s inahbitants. A haven for those who were always with the current of the market flock to the city Pophasus. Combined with the elegance of it’s one, unified style of Gothic,Victorian,and Baroque. Pophasus became the city of art as well as the city of Wealth. Merchants here can always find promising busniess in ... Read More »

Wizards Temple

Wizard's Temple minecraft castle build ideas mountains

The builder TolgacoskunLP BUILDER: TolgacoskunLP, _MyCray_ Special Thanks to: Splekh for the Epic Render. TeamVaeron for the Server and the Trees. CrushedPixel for the Cinematic. Read More »