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The Great Pyramid of Meereen | Game of Thrones

I would like to present you The Great Pyramid of Meereen from Game of Thrones. It’s 800 feet / 250m tall, from its huge square base to the lofty apex. A huge bronze harpy stands at the apex. This project was based on the TV series, so book descriptions were not taken into consideration. The main hall is a product …

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Future CITY 3.3

The asteroid …the final Future CITY is built on a small planet located in a solar system consisting of an asteroid belt. The planet is constantly threatened by crossing asteroid trajectories. At the last crossing, the cruiser-ship of the enemy androids pulverized the asteroid by using torpedoes. Millions of fragments are now falling down on the planet, sowing destruction in …

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This project was built by FreakyPotato. He started this project not knowing what to build which spun into the idea of a small greek/roman/steampunk village. Which we must add, turned out nicely! Total completion time was 4 days and was built on the Vaeron server. Check out the download below and let us know what you think. Built by: FreakyPotato

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Rails of War | MOD

Rails of War is a mod created by Naiten. This mod consists of new train tracks and everything else locomotive you can think of. It’s constantly being improved upon and offers tons of amazing features. Some featured items include: steam trains, wide turns, armored locomotives, and wide gauge. The developer currently doesn’t need modelling and/or artistic/idea help at the moment …

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Alternative Offices

Alternative Offices are situated on Central Island in the ONO City. The building isn’t really based on anything, I was sort of fooling around with different shapes when it came into being. The building is fully interiorized: Offices (obviously) An elevated garden A car park Meeting rooms Windows(!!!) Other things that may find. I’m trying out the idea of having …

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