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8 Minecraft Pranks In One Command

Here are a few fun commands which are easy to use and don’t require any mods! Great for vanilla servers and 1.9+ version of the game. None of these will harm any players, just provide some minor annoyances! Video: How To Use: Select the whole command. (The whole text on this page is the command) Right-click and then click “copy”. …

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Guide To Taking Great Screenshots

This guide was put together by TheShadyJester. Example Images – Pictures taken with different settings – Foliage, Shaders, Resourcepack, Optifine. Aspect Ratio Aspect ratio is the size your Minecraft window takes on your screen. Different monitors uses different Aspect ratios, and different websites uses different aspect ratios on pictures as well. Commonly known aspect ratios are for example widescreen(16:9(This means …

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Medieval Stronghold Complex

Medieval Stronghold Complex This is a personal project i’ve been working on every now and then for a few years now. It all started in a small server, with the general idea of creating some kind of medieval structure. Eventually it grew bit by bit, and outlived the server it started on when I transferred it to my pc to …

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Greek Themed Temple of Xanthos

All the lore in the pictures is purely fictional, it is based from real life, however please don’t take it seriously or literally. You must be in 1.7.10 minecraft with the conquest texture pack and optifine installed to see this for yourself. Try downloading and installing the official conquest launcher for easy access – This requires only the optifine …

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World of Worlds 2.3

Just one world with buildings from more than 45 cities all around the world… Agra, Auckland, Austin, Boston, Brasilia, Caen, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Giza, Hong-Kong, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Las-Vegas, Lille, Lisbon, London, Los-Angeles, Madrid, Manila, Monterrey, Montreal, Moscow, New-York, Paris, Philadelphia, Pisa, Quebec, Rio, Rio-Antirrio, Roma, Rotterdam, Rushmore Mount, San-Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai, Singapore, St-Louis, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, …

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