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Youtubers Life | Minecraft Mini Game

The popular game “Youtubers Life” has come to minecraft! In this map your goal is to earn as many subscribers as you can, the various algorithms in this map make that rather difficult though and to grow a successful channel you have keep a lot of things in mind at the same. There are tons of mini games and random …

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Bernstein Palace

The Bernstein Palace was built in the Baroque style commissioned by Count Geoffrey von Bernstein on the site of an old Renaissance mansion. Architects have modeled on numerous German and French palaces. This palace survived numerous cataclysms – floods, fires and even wars and armed insurrections. Every time it was destroyed, the palace was rebuilt and enlarged. The palace was …

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I love pixel art

Just fly forward in this world, to view my most recent pixel art. Nothing fancy, but I have had a lot of fun during the process. Enjoy. Additional Credits: Screenshots

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Desdruktiva’s British Armada Seven

Description This is it lads, change of plans led me to release this armada directly instead of the ships one by one at first. This armada, or fleet, however you want to put it, includes seven ships built from the keel up, wherein 4 of them are complete replicas built very accurately based on real ships blueprints, models, and records. …

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