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Palace Station Casino | Las Vegas

Just a small side project I completed a while ago. Took me a few weeks. The Palace Station Casino is a Hotel and casino located in the Las Vegas metropolitan area just off of Interstate 15. The casino provides slot machines, bingo, a buffet, and courtyard. The interior is not yet completed, but the exterior is fully finished with two pools …

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Castle Falkenstein

UPDATE! WorldSave with all features now available! UPDATE! WorldSave with all functions now available! A small, romantic medieval style castle. I’ve been working on this for about two days. It offers you: A gatehouse with gate + 2 hang gates A courtyard 2 defensive towers 1 Watchtower 1 residential house 1 main tower Dining room, living room, bedroom Kitchen, wine …

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Medieval Island

For this project, I am building a medieval themed island. This island is completely fictional but I try to make it as realistic as possible. As you can clearly see, this project is not finished yet but I currently work hard on it. You can already download the map if you want but don’t expect full detail nor full furnished …

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Galactic City (Coruscant) | Star Wars

A brand NEW, REVAMPED take on my old Coruscant map that I have uploaded multiple times in the past. This features 1:1 land structures as well as interiors for most (if not all) the buildings present in this map. Map size: approximately 6k Buildings with interiors include: – Skyscrapers seen throughout that have windows and more details – The Senate …

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Take Back The Night Adventure Map

Take Back The Night This is the second part of Captain’s musical Trilogy. Take Back The Night Story: It is about a prince who was rescued from the recent mob outbreak from a Fallen Kingdom. He was found and raised by Travellers and Villagers. Little did he know that his Village is in danger from Herobrine. The one who caused …

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