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Spacia City

Spacia V3 was started around a year ago, succeeding V2. V3 is fundamentally different to V2 in every way possible. Let me run through what’s changed: – The entire map! – New statues/monuments – Lots of apartment buildings – Office buildings – Hospitals – Car parks – Supermarkets – Hotels – New roads (designed to look more realistic) – Schools …

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Parkland High School

Replica of Parkland High School, a 3,200 student school in Pennsylvania. In real life, this school has gained much attention for being shaped like the Millennium Falcon. Feel free to use this as a server, film tours, animations, or school roleplays, etc. If you do, please put a link back to this page. You don’t even have to ask me, …

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Quartz Tower #10

Building material is mostly quartz and stained glass. Sea lanterns for lighting. Interior include complete ground floor, elevator and staircase. Staircase connects all floors of the building. Main tower is made up of one circular part and one square part. Five floor building on west side of the tower. Top three floors are built differently. Some floor have balconies. Height: …

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USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69 | 1:1 Scale

So… Yeah I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything new on here… Over 2 years now as a matter of fact… But I’m back now, well, I’ve never really been gone. I’ve been active on PMC the entire time that I wasn’t posting anything, but I wasn’t really playing that much Minecraft. I started this project in …

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St. Lanthan | Floating Church

This is my first Timelapse, only a small project to try out. Construction time approx. 1 hour.  Recording, cutting and rendering you would rather not know 🙂 The map contains a small church, on a flying island. Timelapse Video: Additional Credits: Built by: SKULLUKS Screenshots

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