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LB Photo Realism

This mod created by Scuttles with support packs for multiple sizes as you can find in the creators profile was made inspired by the goal of making Minecraft as realistic as possible.

The texture pack was first just a collection of multiple mods until it became one on its own.

You will be able to find in this pack after several tests made by the crafter some cool results, like for example, you will be able to grow specific plants to that region by using wild grass in biomes.

The creator also provided some helpful tips like when you run out of memory allocated in java causing memory error crashes there is some basic steps you can follow to fix this issue.

There is also an experimental version that will help you using less amount of memory than the full texture pack but be cautious, this wasn’t fully tested like the completed version so there might be some errors that the creator didn’t see and could cause you some issues. If you do find some bugs, you can bring them up and hopefully find a way to fix them.

Also, Misa was a huge help to complete this project working on the mobs and part of the credit should go to her.

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  1. you have to put in your resource pack folder. open the game, open options, click resource packs. then click open resource pack folder and drag n drop. then try restarting minecraft.

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