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Infinitely Expandable Storage / Chest

Another amazing tutorial by PG5 for you to follow. We have shared with you some of their amazing work, it’s always easy to follow their tutorials and the final result is amazing. You don’t need to be an expert builder to make their projects work in your world.

This tutorial is for an Infinitely Expandable Storage / Chest – Ultra compact. It’s so simple and works perfectly that we are amazed how this wasn’t done before, or at least we didn’t see it before. Your will probably like this new storage system so much that you will leave behind any others you have been using before.

You don’t need a file for this, just follow the video tutorial and in not time you will have your storage system finished.

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5 thoughts on “Infinitely Expandable Storage / Chest”

  1. Frustrating to build and breaks constantly – the gravel drops only work once or twice, then break and revert to item drops, so you constantly have to add new gravel. I followed the video closely – twice – and can’t help but feel you skipped a step (which is apparent from how the pistons often change position during the chapter breaks).

    • I have the same problem on retracting the lower pistons the upper row of gravel breaks, I think its to do with the timing of the pistons (trying to push the gravel trhough an extended piston, however I don’t seem to be able to fix it

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