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How To Create Your Own Minecraft Pixel Art Template

If you have been playing Minecraft for a while, you may have gotten bored of how you have been playing. The thing about Minecraft is that, even if you get bored playing the way you have, there are always so many more possibilities in the limitless Minecraft world

One particular thing that has always been a huge thing in the Minecraft community is huge creative projects in Minecraft. The possibilities, but we’ll mostly focus on static pixel art. There are loads of things you could try though, and you should check out online community spaces for more ideas.

We are going to briefly explain the steps you have to take on how to make minecraft pixel art.

1. Drafting the pixel art

Minecraft Pixel Art draft

The first thing you need to do is to draft the drawing you will convert into Minecraft pixel art. This will save you a lot of time later because editing your pixel art in Minecraft will be much harder than doing it in your draft. It’s best to use a dedicated pixel art tool. 

There are a lot of great free options too. Check out Piskel and Asperite, but any tool that allows you to draw with individual pixels will work. You could even use a paper graphing pad if that feels easier, but pixel art tools have some nice amenities. You can use specific colors to represent specific Minecraft materials. Or you could try to make the art and figure the materials out later.

Learning how to make pixel art is something that you could dedicate entire blogs to on its own. There’s a lot to learn, both to make nicer drawings as well as to make your workflow faster. The nice thing is though that there are a lot of resources to learn and for almost everything you could think of you’ll be able to find tutorials for pixel art as well.  And you can even just start drawing if you have an idea of what it should look like. 

Beware though, it can take a lot of patience to draw something one pixel at a time. It does get easier as you practice though, so don’t worry if it’s slow at the start and focus on perfecting your drawing.

2. Deciding how to draw

Minecraft Pixel Art 2D
image credit techdifferences.com

There are a few ways that you can make pixel art in Minecraft. We’re mostly going to focus on 2D art, but once you’ve got the concept art you can just layer pieces of 2D art to make a 3D sculpture in Minecraft. You can either try creative mode or plan and gather all of the materials you need. The second one can feel more rewarding, but it is also more time consuming. 

After that, you can decide whether you want to use programmable bots or do it one block at a time. If you’re new to this though, we’d recommend starting with a simple drawing and doing it yourself. Later if you move to more complicated and tedious artwork, you can look into drones. Creative mode is nice too since it allows you to go into an aerial view and have a better view of your artwork as a hole. Once you’ve settled all the variables it is time to start creating your pixel art. 

The block choices can be as standard or as creative as you want. You could try making something as lifelike as possible and use textures and colors that match real objects or you could go into a completely different route and make up the most ridiculous color combinations. A bit of both could be nice to mix it up a  little.

3. Start building!

Minecraft Pixel Art blocks

Once you’re done with the draft, you can start building directly in Minecraft. You might want to print out your draft or save it another device so that it is easier to reference without having to minimize Minecraft. Once you’ve gathered everything, you can start just placing blocks down, according to your plan. 

Put the correct blocks for each color down and go layer by layer for projects that involve 3 dimensions. It’s probably best to use creative mode so you can actually see where you are placing the blocks down with reference to the drawing, but it can be a fun challenge to do it in survival mode. 

For larger projects, it may be best to divide it into parts and work on those. This is especially true if you’re trying to use bots, as debugging is much easier when you have broken the code down into smaller chunks. Speaking of the bots, they will require some learning to start using but it can make the process much quicker overall, especially if you’re dealing with a really large number of blocks.

You can start as simple or as complicated as you want. Pixel art might look “simple”, but it can be incredibly complex and hard, so it is better to start simple and add complexity as you go on. Once you have gotten the basics down, you can improve your skills and take on tougher challenges. 

Try to experiment with different types of structures and materials, and if you’re feeling extra creative you could even try to implement things like circuits and lights to make your artwork more animated.

4. Where to go from there?

Minecraft Pixel Art 3D

So, you’ve been making simple 2D artwork for a while, and you are looking for something new. The first thing you could do is of course try to add a whole new dimension to your artwork (literally!) by moving on to 3D art

Like mentioned previously you could try to work in circuits and even try to animate something. You could try to look up templates for Minecraft that are available online in sites like ours and finish other people’s designs. Or join online communities and start collaborating to make artwork that you couldn’t alone. 

Learning how to use programming drone mods in Minecraft is also a great option. Speaking of mods, you could download more texture packs and more types of blocks and expand your arsenal of tools.

The possibilities truly are limitless. The only thing stopping you is your imagination!

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