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Block IDs

Looking for the number that corresponds with the item your looking for in Minecraft? Here are all the IDs you should need.

give <playername> <item> [amount] [metadata] [dataTag]

/give Fiala06 1 64

This would give player Fiala 64 stones.

Minecraft IDs for 1.8 / 1.8.1:

Minecraft id chart 1.8 items and blocks

Older or short and sweet ID List:minecraft block id type number

Custom FullCustom FullCustom FullCustom FullCustom Empty3.9/563 ratings

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  1. HAH! You can indeed get bedrock in survival on all versions after 1.5.
    It isn’t worth it, but you could mine it with a wood pick (1/2 hour per block), or kill an Enderman holding the block with a loot weapon.

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