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Riverbend Medieval House minecraft cottage build ideas download save terrain

Riverbend Medieval House

Following the crane tutorial from the other day, I said there would be a small map up for download within the next few days. Well… Here it is. It’s not a large scale map, but its a nice little cozy cottage you could almost say. Hopefully, I should have another chunk of Toland up for download by Thursday hopefully. Now …

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Medieval Playerhome fantacy minecraft building ideas download save 2 story house home

Medieval Playerhome

Hey guys and thanks for checking out my project. This medieval house was supposed to be my player home on the Adrundaal-Server. It was a bit inspired by the Eldor Castle but turned out very different. As the city was the opinion that the house doesn’t fit to their concept, I decided to build a plot sized landscape around it and …

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Tralfamador’s Amazing Floating Circus minecraft building ideas download save crazy huge

Tralfamador’s Amazing Floating Circus

Hey guys, this is a build I recently made for something, which did not turn out how i hoped, so I decided to use it as my 100 subscriber mark build! Hope you like it ! Don’t forget to leave a Comment. -Brow30535 I will allow this map to be used. However you MUST give me credit when using it. Please …

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1.8 Oceancraft mod fish crabs, whales, sharks and more minecraft building ideas inspiration tool plugin

Oceancraft Mod: Fish, Crabs, Whales, Sharks and More

The oceancraft mod adds life to the empty ocean biome of Minecraft. The mod adds 13 new animals, 8 in the ocean, 1 in the air and 3 on the beach. This mod also adds new blocks, items and structures. There is a lot of more to discover in the oceans with this mod, see for yourself and download the mod! Oceancraft …

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Polaris Minecraft Skyscraper 25 tall future fancy tree building ideas

Polaris Skyscraper

Almost done with this block, just a few more to go. This is Polaris, located directly in between Lillian and Ontario Towers. This is currently (Technically, its quite slow going) under construction. This is a 1:1 scale mockup, and features all the parts of the structure the source material has. It is fairly tall, and quite large in girth compared …

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