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Top 15 Minecraft Buildings of 2014

Below you will find Minecraft Building Inc most popular builds of 2014. It was a big year for us as our site grew 115% in size compared to the previous year! Lets keep it going, share these with your friends and family! Enjoy them together! It’s amazing what build teams can do when they come together.

Lets start the count down from number 15!

15) The Old Castle

This isn’t the normal castle you see built everyone. Its much more bold looking! You can picture firing cannons at it and never getting through but that remains untested.

Old Castle minecraft building ideas


14) Luxurious Modern House 3 Mansion 

It’s hard to keep improving every year as a builder. Somehow pigonge keeps on doing just that. With the ever popular Luxurious Modern Homes.

Luxurious Modern House 3 minecraft building



13) Minecraft Frame Houses

To my eyes this has to be one of the most creative builds of 2014. You can tell every detail was accounted for!

Minecraft frame house idea writing


12) Live Giarratana Apartment Skycraper 

Everyone loves skyscrapers, they’re big, tall and very spacious. This one’s a little different in the aspect of you can almost see though it. The use of glass is impressive yet not to much to make it feel completely exposed.

Live Giarratana Apartment Skyscraper minecraft building ideas 2


11) Twisting Tower Skyscraper

As the name applies you want to think the building started square and a tornado landed to give it, it’s final form.

Twisting Tower minecraft city ideas building


10) Mother of Trees | Largest and a small town

Ah Avatar, you’ve inspired so many amazing tree’s! This build did an amazing job scaling the size of the tree yet not loosing its shape. Not only that but there is even a little village up in those branches! It’s a must see, go download it!

Mother of trees terrain minecraft building ideas


9) Farm House and Red Barns

A town is not complete without a farm. How else is everyone suppose to get their food? This builder did an great job portraying what everyone thinks a typical farm looks like.

Minecraft Farm house red barn fields building ideas 5


8) Terados Castle and Village 

The detail… It’s insane. Just looking at this screenshot (many more in the post) I don’t know how you couldn’t like it. Its a floating fortress!

Terados Castle Minecraft village ideas

7) Ancient City Ruins

Almost looks Japanese inspired but this ancient ruins has so many surprise inside for you. Its definitely a must see.


Ancient Castle Ruins minecraft building ideas


6) Mirage Luxury Modern Home

So simple, yet so elegant. Perfect for a beach house or on top of a mountain. It fits in everywhere!


Mirage luxury modern house minecraft building ideas


5) Arendelle from Frozen

The frozen city. I don’t think anything was left out with this castle. Nothing but snow, ice and stone to capture this beauty.


Frozen Movie - Arendelle minecraft building ideas


4) Quartz | Castle Island

This castle is made out of all quartz. The screenshot makes it look like a recently printed 3d printer project but I can assure its legit!

Quartz minecraft building ideas castle island


3) Medieval Mansion

This old looking mansion has every characteristic of a house you would see in a older or scary movie. Dracula may honestly live there.

Medieval Mansion minecraft building ideas


2) Plantation Mansion

It was a bad time for the country but this house is beautiful. The lawns are nice and clean and the house just makes you feel wealthy!

Plantation Mansion Minecraft building history ideas house


1) Frozen Elsas Ice Castle

And the top build of 2014 goes to Elsas Ice Castle. The colors, location, and the detail is amazing. I’ve always loved builds of different elements rather then the same wood or stone.

Frozen - Elsa's Ice Castle minecraft building ideas 2


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