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Terados | Castle and Village

Built by Lemon-Fox

Finally it’s finished! We proudly present you our long lost project which we started about 2 years ago. Because of a mistake in the server save files, half of our work was gone and only the castle remained, so we sadly gave this project up. Until today … with our new gained knowledge we rebuild the city, updated the castle, added some terrain and that all within so little time. It’s funny to see how we both improved over the last 2 years in so many ways and jet there is more to learn. *sob*
Anyways, we hope you all will enjoy this as much as we did building it 😀
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okay, could you not? you’re making me feel sad about my own builds. :c Jk, great job here. This is amazing.


OMG… I’m speechless! BEST MAP EVER!


This has given me inspiration… to stop playing Minecraft and give up on ever making something as awesome as this.


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