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Quartz | Castle Island

Some words from the builder General John

Well, the title is as simple as the build lol. I started this build one night after I got off work, and really just wanted to experiment of what I could make using one block. I still need to practice a lot more with this style, but I like my first result. It originally was started I think on the Eve of Christmas Eve, and I finished I think on Christmas day, spending around 5 hours total on it. The reason for this post not being here sooner, was due to the fact there was no world downloader for renders available, and the fact I was extremely busy over the holidays.
Anyways, sorry I have not posted in a while, I plan on posting a lot more within the coming months:)


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6 thoughts on “Quartz | Castle Island”

  1. May I please have permission to use this build on a map I’m making? I’ll be giving you credit and giving the download link to the original, but I’ll be altering some parts to make it an Elite 4 castle type thing on a Pixelmon world. It’ll be a couple of years before the map is finished and released, but it is perfect for it. The map will be used in a server I’ll hopefully get by the time of release.

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