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Mandela Castle

Some words from the builder DivineMedicus

R.I.P Nelson Mandela

If you loved him, please leave a diamond.
This is the only build so far that I had seen dedicated to Nelson Mandela

This build is a tribute to Nelson Mandela, one of the most breathtaking, history changing human beings whom had ever lived upon this very earth.

Oh Nelson Mandela,
Your name perceives such great gratitude,
Everyone bows down to your loyal aptitude,
Your everlasting, powerful love does not overwhelm people,
But is breathtakingly epic,
Your love embodies South Africa,
Your love embodies the earth,
And hinders the evil spirits which lie in people,
The end of apartheid!
27 years in prison!
You are a great man of wisdom, knowledge and powerful love,
You  forgive those who attempt to kill you,
May God bless you,
We wish you the best of best,
We love you,
Rest in peace,
-Spent 27 years in jail for standing up for his rights.
-Ended apartheid (modern day slavery) In South Africa
-He never gave up
-Became South Africa’s FIRST black President.
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