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Medieval Castle and Town

Medieval Castle and Town 

This build depicts a medieval castle situated on the coast. It consists of a large keep as the main living space and final defense for the local lord. The bailey contains a great hall, chapel and solar, as well as kitchens, stables, barracks, and storage.

The castle-town is surrounded by large stone walls and is separated into an upper and lower town. The upper town contains the large church and many upper -class homes and shops. The lower town contains many houses and shops, as well as, as stable, inns, taverns, smith, carpenter, and glass-maker. The lower town also contains a quay with trading ships and warehouses.

Outside the walls, there is a small farming community complete with a mill, barn, granary, threshing pit, market, stables, butcher, baker, farmhouses, orchards, gardens, apiary, fishing docks, and crop fields.

I’ve tried to make this as realistic as possible, this means that I have often made building more simplistically, as they would be in real life. Please feel free to comment with any suggestions you may have for improvements.

Future plans:
-Furnishing all interiors
-Leather tannery
-More fields
-More orchards



Additional Credits: Built by: COLFETTERS


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