Huge Office Building

A build by sacre

He was building a city and taking suggestions from the forum for cool buildings that could be replicated into Minecraft taking of course into consideration that the blocks system we have to work with sometimes doesn’t allow too many crazy things (sometimes, some others crafters come up with cool ideas on how to make them work withing the game).

He shared the city as a map mod with all of his creations with even given credits to the people who contributed with ideas. How cool of him?!

When we found this city he just finished creating the twin buildings on which he put a lot of effort on the details .

He also took the time to create his own pack with textures so even lights, doors, pavement, etc look better on the build.

Up until the day we found and shared his creation he has added some cool items to the apartment building, like tv, stove, fridge and a ladder because the elevator “is broken” lol

As for the white tower, it shows all floors to be the same plus it has one main office with other six smaller ones.

Feel free to check it out and thank him if you like the build. We certainly did.

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