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Penumbra: Overture Soundpack

This soundpack features sounds taken from the likes of Penumbra: Overture – Requiem.


All footstep sounds have been edited

All Music has been changed (Recommended you have it on, it really changes the mood)

Explosions, fuses, fire, all edited

Dog’s aggressive behavior sounds edited (so they dont scare you on a normal basis)

Menu has been overhauled (looks good!)

All aspects of menu has been changed to the likes of Penumbra, this includes clicking sounds, panoramic view (looks good, but needs more work), Texts on logo, and the logo its self.

Pings, blings, and bongs sounds have been changed to morsecode (Tell me if you dont like this feature, its located in assets>minecraft>sound>note)

Cave sounds, thunder clap, glass breaking, rain

More, but i cant remember everything!

This sound pack is in Alpha and is easily subject to change based on demand and on new resources. Stay tuned and dont wait for a final version, because you can continue to update safely.

Yes, i am using 1.7.10, but like said, compatible with everything!

I do no support adFly, if you have to go through it, its not my doing. I recommend adfly by passer for Mozilla firefox, works like a charm!

download: https://www.mediafire.com/?4ljx1s40hjrnj0t

FUTURE PLANS: Set up menu to look like terminal from the Shelter!

Add textures!

Thank you fictional games!

Thank you Media Fire!


Additional Credits: Fictional Games
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