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The Kingdom Of Valais

A project i have been working on for a while.
The World size is about 6K on 7K

The Kingdom of Valais is a relatively new Kingdom, Rising from the ashes of the old empire, it contains large forests, mountain ranges, wide rivers and hidden villages.
Its capital is the grand city of Celephais serving as a center of power and trade and contains the kingdoms most impressive landmarks.
To the south-east lies Kingspire, the religious Center of the kingdom, with its magnificent Cathedral at its heart.
East of kingspire is the Ancient Forest, shrouded in danger and mystery, many who traveled into its depths has never returned.
To The North of Celephais is the town of Ravenhal, a major port, and the northmost point of the kingdom, beyond it lie the harsh northern realm.

the project was built using the Conquest Reforged mod and resource pack:—all-the-features-from-17-and-more-forge-189/
For the building i used mcedit & worldedit
for the world, i used World Painter

Additional Credits: Built by: Aodor


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  1. Can you give me instructions on how to get map because when I download it, it doesn’t come in a folder but instead a clickable link that can’t open

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