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Dargull – The submarine Monster Free Spawn

Dragull, the Submarine monster wake up, and destroy the village who locked him in his submarine cage. Realistic effects, with water and lava. Made in: 4 to 5 hours. The schematics are free to use, u can take that spawn and use it on your server ! But please, credit me (ArzeneG) and don’t say you are the author of …

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Fryst Fortress

We started this project as a group in January of 2016, but stopped after only a little bit of work. I got tired of seeing it unfinished and decided to finish it! ūüėÄ Huge thanks to Joebricksy for the render, really brings the build to life. Additional Credits: Built by: Abigantamos Screenshots

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Beast’s Enchanted Castle

Beast’s enchanted Castle by DennisBuilds and Kellerbier This is a recreation of the Castle from the old Disney movie “The Beauty and the Beast”. Be our guest, take a look and step inside the Beast’s enchanted castle. There are a loot of rooms which have to be explored. So go ahead and hit the download button and get yourself lost …

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World of Worlds

Just one world with buildings from more than 25 cities all around the world… New-York, Chicago, Los-Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, St-Louis, San-Francisco, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Paris, London, Roma, Pisa, Frankfurt, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Taipei, Sydney, Seattle …and more !! Version 2.1 Screenshots: Version 2 Screenshots:

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Castle of Red

As with most of my projects, the Castle of Red got about halfway completed before i got bored and moved onto the next build. A year later, its finally finished! This build is world height (256 blocks tall), about 180 blocks wide, and about 630 blocks long, with a custom landscape and trees. It has no interior. For now its …

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Gondolin Castle

Hello Everyone It’s been a long time since i’ve uploaded something new, but i herewith present you my latest project. After reading many of Tolkiens literature this hidden city has always been one of my favourites, and i therefore decided to try my best at building it. Keep in mind though that it is in fact not a exact model …

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Castle of WhiteCliff | Mountains, Motte and Wall

Hi everyone! I have finished my castle finally, after 6 months of building it.. The castle was made on a flat map and I’ve made a mountain and water around it.There is a big gate with walls and towers, that’s the only exit from the castle with a big bridge down to ground level. The Castle is 100% done with …

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Winterbleak – World of Targur Castle

Builder:¬†Minecrafttalsi In order to play this map you need: Optifine / MCPatcher Conquest Resource pack Enabled Command blocks (alternatively switch off the weather with optifine) This is my new big project called “World of Targur”, which is basically a revival of my old and now cancelled project “World of Elandor”. I kept the concept and some of the buildings and …

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Bridge | Water Template Megabuilding

Some words from the builder¬†KatariaWolf The bridge connects¬†the¬†water temple¬†spawn¬†with the actual¬†water temple. The¬†spawn¬†I will build¬†in the near future,¬†the bridge¬†also¬†still gets¬†a nice¬†extra! The whole can¬†be¬†fully¬†downloaded¬†(Water Temple¬†Map) Wather temple download¬†rules It can be¬†used¬†on servers¬†Mus¬†specify¬†me¬†as the builder. May not be¬†offered for download¬†Not  

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