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LIFE – HD Texture Pack

Today we are bringing you this texture pack created by a 15 yeard old student that like us enjoys Minecraft. This is the first 128 x 128 texture pack made by Mitchell. He mentions it’s not fully finished yet, there is still some work to be done but as many of us we like to hear feedback in our builds and use it to make it better so anyone who decides to use it in their projects can be more content with the pack.

Whats in the pack

The texture pack is called LIFE. Its goal is to improve the game’s visuals by adding lovely high-quality textures. To make the game look more realistic the pack uses real pictures in it. There is some animations added, like water and lava, that look amazing too. All this put together makes your experience in the game more pleasant and hopefully more enjoyable too.

You can give your feedback to this young builder commenting in his video or joining any other platforms where he is.

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