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Minecraft RuneScape Resource Pack Progress

Being developed by /u/SentryTV

Reddit user SentryTV has been working a developing a RuneScape resource pack. This like many projects was once set to die until recently as the interest has grown! Once complete, it will be available everyone.  The group doesn’t want to release something half-assed.

I probably won’t release it until its either finished or someone else decides to pick up on it. At the moment I’ve re-textured about 99% of all items. I’ve re-textured about 15% of all blocks. I’ve replaced 90% of the sounds with actual RuneScape sounds. I’ve fully replaced all music in the game with RuneScape music. I’ve re-textured about 10% of the entities in game. -SentryTV


Subject to change but here are the weapon equivalents:

  • Diamonds = Dragon Scales = Dragon Armor, Tools, & Weapons.
  • Gold Ingots = Gold Bars = Gilded Armor, Tools, & Weapons.
  • Iron Ingots = Runite Bars = Rune Armor, Tools, & Weapons.
  • Stone = Stone Tools, & Weapons.
  • Wood = Wooden Tools, & Weapons.
  • Chainmail = Black Armor.
  • Leather = Leather Armor.
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