Better Vanilla [16x]

Better Vanilla is a 16x pack of community-made default-style textures (used with permission from original authors). The textures in Better …

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Pokemeon R S E texture pack minecraft

Pokemon R/S/E | Texture Pack

Some words from the designer CaileanX this is a texture pack based on pokémon versions ruby, sapphire and emerald all textures …

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OzoCraft | Texture Pack

The designer: Ozo This pack has a realistic/rustic feel to it but at the same time that playful Minecraft feeling. Trying …

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Conquest resource pack minecraft texture

Conquest | Resource Pack

You need to use Optifine or Mcpatcher together with this Resource pack! Optifine/McPatcher required! Custom sounds Since im not the type of guy who …

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Shortbread texture pack minecraft realistic resource

Shortbread | Texture Pack

The designer Starklet This is Shortbread. It’s meant to be simple and smooth, while keeping the original “feel” of Minecraft. I …

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SixtyGig Resource Pack minecraft texture

SixtyGig Resource Pack

Some words from the designer Rayvolution INSTALL MCPATCHER!!! OPTIFINE IS NOT THE SAME THING! If you CAN NOT install MCPatcher,Download SixtyGig …

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