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Norzeteus Mars-Edition | Resource Pack

Some words from the designer Norzeteus

It was an inspiration to create some textures for “mining and living” an planet mars.
I tried to adapt the landscape as is could be on mars (brown grass and blue trees…etc)
Changed armor to spacesuits, bow to a gun and swords to “laserswords”. Also try the pumpkin helmet, it has an
interface screen when you put it on.
And you won`t believe, I found aliens, robotzombies and robotspiders…. be careful!

MC-Patcher is required !
This resourcepack supports block-textures via Sub-IDs in MCPatcher.
Unzip this resourcepack into your minecaft resourcepack folder.
Please read “How to use” inside!
To get the special blocks ingame, use the ID´s shown at the Block ID´s list.
Have fun !

Please be so kind an tell me, if you find any mistakes in my pack, I`m not a
graphics-pro, I`m doing it as my hobby ! Thx

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