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Galactic City (Coruscant) | Star Wars

A brand NEW, REVAMPED take on my old Coruscant map that I have uploaded multiple times in the past. This features 1:1 land structures as well as interiors for most (if not all) the buildings present in this map. Map size: approximately 6k Buildings with interiors include: – Skyscrapers seen throughout that have windows and more details – The Senate …

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City of Valzuha

City of Valzuha City located at the shallowest waters of the aqua planet Zixx is the only city on the planet and the only self-sustainable city in the Vazgi solar system. Its citizens, Valz’, have planned and built the city just a few local years ago, but thanks to the planet’s rich infinite ocean bottom, it has been growing immensely. …

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Mars Complex – Foxtrot

This project was my interpretation of life on mars. To view a 3d Model of the project, with annotations – https://api.sketchfab.com/models/2f37c52c62f243e9a2e7142d986b0316 It is what I realistically plan mars to look like if the human race was to colonize it. It features a large bio-dome in the center, mining facilities, and a STAL (Short takeoff and landing) Facility – along with a hangar. Base …

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Flying Apartments

Flying apartments i made using tilt modern apartment building. Could be used as a spawn but still needs a bit of work done to it if you want to use it as a spawn. This build did not turn out as good as i wanted it but arr well.Better luck next time i hope. The build has 4 tennis courts,pools,elevator …

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Starcraft 2 Minotaur Battlecruiser

STARCRAFT 2 MINOTAUR BATTLECRUISER This is a 1:2 scale model of the Minotaur class Battlecruiser from Starcraft 2. This means this puppy is over 250m long. The changes made to the design are: large docking bay on the base of the Battlecruiser, extra output on the front of the cruiser for the Yomato cannon, and general change in style of …

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The Fear of Space | Rendered Cinematic

Recommend to watch the rendered cinematic. This took over 20 hours to render. This is a project I have been working on for the past few months. Thank you all for taking the time to view this project. Support on Youtube and a diamond would be greatly appreciated. I would like to give thanks to MC Architects Union for providing …

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Norzeteus Mars-Edition | Resource Pack

Some words from the designer Norzeteus It was an inspiration to create some textures for “mining and living” an planet mars. I tried to adapt the landscape as is could be on mars (brown grass and blue trees…etc) Changed armor to spacesuits, bow to a gun and swords to “laserswords”. Also try the pumpkin helmet, it has an interface screen when you put it on. And you won`t believe, …

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Asteroid Chaos | Space

Some words from the builder JohanKJIP This is a quick build I made on the sunfury server. It consists of asteroids colliding, enjoy! Sunfury ip: sunfury.org:25587

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ODIN Space Station (Call of Duty: Ghosts)

A word from the builder [Firebros] The ODIN Space Station (Orbital Defence Initiative) is the US military’s orbital strike weapon, armed with kinetic tungsten rods, capable of massive damage on earth. In game, it is hijacked by the “federation” and causes massive damage to the ground below, triggering the game’s main story line. Now, may I make this clear, I …

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