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Modern HD Resource Pack 64x

Modern HD texture pack was designed by mikeyto1o. This Pack has the follow features: New HD textures for all blocks in the game Support for many experience enhancing mods such as The Connected Textures Mod (CTM) The Better Skies mod Random Textures mod Natural Textures mod Better Glass mod Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders And many more! New Guis New Font …

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Five Nights At Freddy’s Pack 2.0 | Resource Pack

This is my five nights at Freddy’s resource packs it is for people who like to build and stuff enjoy! Whats in this pack: Tiles Cups Screens Bonnie Just The Head Dye Freddys Body To Get Right Color Freddy Chica Toy Chica Toy Freddy Use Freddys Body Toy Bonnie Dye Freddys Body Marionette Foxy Head Is Pumpkin Springtrap Freddy Fazbears …

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Fresh HD | Texture Pack

Fresh HD Texture Pack Minecraft 9

A new and rising texture pack by Design Trainer. Fresh HD is a texture pack with some inspiration from the popular Life HD pack. He was given permission from the developer of Life HD include to reuse some of the textures. This is considered  realistic and is 128.128.  This is no wear near complete and is already stunning. He will be …

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Coterie Craft 16x | Texture Pack

Coterie Craft Resource Texture Pack

The designer: Cpt. Corn COTERIE CRAFT  is not your traditional faithful pack, it’s not default…INSTEAD, it has evolved into something eye-pleasing and iconic. Call it whatever you want: lush, soft, simple, smooth, HD, cartoony… it’s whatever it needs to be to make Minecraft look like the game it ought to be.“NEW DEFAULT” is just what I call it…Coterie Craft intends to …

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Pokemon R/S/E | Texture Pack

Pokemeon R S E texture pack minecraft

Some words from the designer CaileanX this is a texture pack based on pokémon versions ruby, sapphire and emerald all textures within said pack were ripped from the game and adapted, or otherwise created by me no textures within this pack have been stolen whatsoever. this pack is not a remix pack. none of pokemine’s textures are in this packnow that …

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OzoCraft | Texture Pack

The designer: Ozo This pack has a realistic/rustic feel to it but at the same time that playful minecraft feeling. Trying to keep it simple and awesome! Check it out, hope you love it! Q&A May I use this for my minecraft videos/server? Yes! Credits due. Is there a seed for the world in the screenshot? Sorry, its homemade. Can I …

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Conquest | Resource Pack

Conquest resource pack minecraft texture

You need to use Optifine or Mcpatcher together with this Resource pack! Optifine/McPatcher required! Custom sounds Since im not the type of guy who takes other peoples work, to make profit with it here is a free for personal use music,from the game Stronghold. You can officially download it from here for free.Or use this conveniently placed button,to download and already to the .ogg format converted …

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Shortbread | Texture Pack

Shortbread texture pack minecraft realistic resource

The designer Starklet This is Shortbread. It’s meant to be simple and smooth, while keeping the original “feel” of Minecraft. I hope you like it. Just one of my favorite packs and in my personal top 5!  

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SixtyGig Resource Pack

SixtyGig Resource Pack minecraft texture

Some words from the designer Rayvolution INSTALL MCPATCHER!!! OPTIFINE IS NOT THE SAME THING! If you CAN NOT install MCPatcher,Download SixtyGig Light. WATCH MY LIVESTREAM WHILE I TEXTURE, OR PLAY MINECRAFT! http://sixtygig.com/index.php?/streams/1-sg-rayvolution/ – My goal is to bring the feel of the vanilla texture pack to life in a more cartoony high resolution artwork. Why do I call it semi-faithful? It’s …

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Norzeteus Mars-Edition | Resource Pack

Some words from the designer Norzeteus It was an inspiration to create some textures for “mining and living” an planet mars. I tried to adapt the landscape as is could be on mars (brown grass and blue trees…etc) Changed armor to spacesuits, bow to a gun and swords to “laserswords”. Also try the pumpkin helmet, it has an interface screen when you put it on. And you won`t believe, …

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