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Italian Resources Pack -Viva La Italia

Medieval era,  an era that manages to intrigue people’s interest at all times. Especially medieval architecture, where there are 3 different styles – pre-Romanesque, Romanesque, and Gothic, which all of them are always so fascinating and breathtaking to look at. It is no wonder that even in Minecraft, players will try to build and replicate medieval architecture to put it in their world or create a whole version of their own medieval fantasy world.

Italian Resources Pack

Master Artist – mrjohnson79 is one of the many players who has created a medieval theme resource pack. Originally driven by his desire to create his own Italian theme Minecraft world, he decided to turn his Italiapack into a full pack and share it publicly with everyone. So if you are looking for a medieval Italian resource pack theme to add onto your world, this resource pack might be the one you need. Now, let’s not waste our time to find out several features inside this pack!

What is in the pack

  • Medieval Italian theme texture on the block (custom sandstone, cobblestone, stone and stone bricks), and doors (including trapdoors and many more) which will provide a touch of medieval Italian looks on your build. 
  • Custom texture on the grass block based on the biomes. 
  • Overlay functionality on various blocks such as cobblestone and grass.
  • The spruce, oaks, and birch forest come with custom ground cover textures on the tops and sides of blocks, as well as unique orange leaf textures for the birch trees. 
  • Animated plants (wheat,  grass-short grass and tall grass) and flowers ( rose bush, peony, dandelion, poppy and pretty much every flower) 
  • Several different biome textures for mobs are added, which is inspired by tom’s biome mobs. These include the wandering traders, animals such as cows, chickens, llamas and pigs, and the hostile mobs such as the creepers, zombies, spiders and skeletons.
  • Forest and other biomes, including snowy and desert biomes. Both snowy and desert biomes have their own mobs. 
Italian texture Pack
medieval Italian Resources Pack
Italiapack Resources Pack

Why try it this Italian Resources Pack

Italiapack is a full pack, that means it contains every feature you need and want, such as different biomes, build materials, mobs, plants, flowers, and many more, which all of it will provide a sense of satisfaction when building a medieval Italian world of your own.

As it is a resource pack with a medieval Italian theme, every single feature is built with the intention to give your builds a medieval Italian visual. Furthermore, Mrjohnson79 is constantly working on these features, from improving existing features such as the block textures, to adding new elements such as animation, which are all done to fulfill every player desire of having a complete and perfect medieval fantasy world. 

Italiapack mrjohnson79

Builder Credit

This fantastic medieval Italian theme resource pack is created by mrjohnson79. In order to enjoy all the features inside without any worries, installation of Optifine is required. Visit his page here to get all the necessary updates on Italiapack.

You are welcome to leave any opinion and feedback regarding the pack in his page as well. Last but not least, don’t forget to subscribe to him.

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