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Sheng Ling Resource Pack – World Enhancer

Just like in the real world, in the world of Minecraft, having a model and element of living things are important. It will not only make the environments and surroundings look lively, but also make it look realistic, to the extent of similarity or even better to the actual world we are living in.  

However, creating and building every desired model and element are not easy, and usually are very time consuming. To eliminate these processes, there are plenty of builds and packs that you could search on the internet and install to beautify your world. These builds and packs are usually made by players who are passionate about building things, happily share their creation to their fellow peers, and the creator of ShengLing Resource Pack is one of them. 

Minecraft Resource Pack Sheng Ling

Why try it out

This Minecraft Resource Pack Sheng Ling, romanization for the Mandarin word 生灵, means soul living things. Just as the name indicates, it is a resources pack focused on the environment, where you install it to enhance and beautify the world you have created in Minecraft. The same as other environment resources packs you could find around, this pack contained different biomes, a variety of plants and flowers, and even insects. There are few improvements have been made in this pack (and more improvement will be made in the future), so let’s explore them together!

What have been improved

  • An additional optional pack made by @XiLaiTL, now you can have animated butterflies, bees and fireflies, with them flying around the plants and flowers, creating a livelier and realistic surrounding. There are two options for motion level, the low motion and ultra motion, which are sorted by the animation FPS.   
  • The butterflies now come with 4 different colours and improved appearance, making them look vibrant and prettier than ever.  
  • The model of flowers (lily of the valley, pink and white tulip, orchid, azure bluet, allium, cornflower, dandelion, and oxeye daisy ) and plants (pumpkin, wild carrot, melon, leaves, and dead bush) are better now, along with more refine textures.
  • The sunflower plains have been replaced with a new biome – the Jasmine fields, which are covered with plenty of bewitching white flowers. 
  • Textures of stratum are better improved and it is now no longer an optional element in the pack.
  • The bug for the seagrass model is fixed and will no longer appear. The appearance of seagrass has also been enhanced. 
  • Some editing is done on the textures of dunegrass, water, grass block, red tulip, sandstone, gravel and sand.
  • The angle of the item represented in the inventory is edited.
Minecraft Resource Pack Sheng Ling
Resource Pack Sheng Ling
Minecraft Sheng Ling

Builder Credit

This Minecraft resources pack was made by coco_fish82. To smoothly enjoy the features in this pack, it is the best to install Optifine. As the pack comes with a number of complex features, there will be some tricky bugs appearing after installation. To check out any recent updates about the pack, or to inform any bugs you encounter after installation, or to find out about coco_fish 82 other creations, you could always visit her page here. All in all, don’t forget to subscribe to her!

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