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Beginners Guide to Redstone

In this article we will be taking a basic look at redstone, for those really new to redstone, so if your Pro at redstone, you might only learn a few things…

First of all the very basic… Redstone wire is placed on the ground and a button, lever or pressure plate on 1 end, and when pushed/Pulled, it will light up the redstone, and anywhere that redstone is running, it will power a machine once… Activated redstone will only reach so far… if you want to extend its reach, place a repeater just before it runs out (The darker activated redstone is, the closer it is to running out), (since repeaters only run 1 way, make sure to place it facing the direction you want the current to flow in…)

Next lets look at attaching this power to a machine, you can power things like… Dispenser, dropper, sticky Piston, Normal Piston, powered rails (to make a Minecraft go faster), Note Blocks, redstone lamps… the redstone going into the block must end in that block (can’t power 2 blocks at the same time), split the redstone before going into a block if you want to run more then 1 machine… if you want to run power into 2 blocks beside each other, you have 2 choices, go from the other side, or you can run a repeater into 1 block, and a redstone into the other (alternating as long as you like…), remember when you run power to a block/machine, you can run it in on the same block level, or to the top of that block… (A bit of testing will explain what I mean… what do each of those blocks do? Here’s a quick list…

Dispenser – Will show a arrow/snowball or other items as if a player or mob shoots them…
Dropper – Drop the item as a item…
Piston – Push a block 1 way…
Sticky Piston – Push a block, and can pull that block back as well
Redstone Lamp – Light!
Powered Rail – Make your minecart go faster (helps a lot on hills)
Note Block – Play a note when powered

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There is a lot more in redstone to explore, and this is only the start… Get out there and become pro!

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