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Beginners Guide to Redstone

In this article we will be taking a basic look at redstone, for those really new to redstone, so if your Pro at redstone, you might only learn a few things… First of all the very basic… Redstone wire is placed on the ground and a button, lever or pressure plate on 1 end, and when pushed/Pulled, it will light …

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Simple 8-Way Item Frame Selector Switch

Simple 8 way item frame selector swtich how to tutorial

YouTube user AWEDYSSY found a great way to make items in your item frame rotate! Check out the video and see for yourself. As you can see using some redstone, switches, and torches he has been able to make the item rotate. This would look great in any house! Heck even if you could build a clock, that would be …

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Redstone Working Christmas Tree

A build by ACtennisAC Hi Guys, This is my Redstone Working Christmas Tree with colored lights !!! If you like my work please look at my channel there is a lot more designs, Minecraft craziness and downloads.

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Good Guy Door – Waits until you go through

[Tutorial] Good Guy Door – Waits until you go through – Commentated – Minecraft Another tutorial by PG5. This time they show us how to build a door with redstone that only closes once you go though. No time limit. Bonus you can add sound effects!

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