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Naruto Themed Skins

If you’re an anime fan and, more specifically, a Naruto-head, then we’ve got a treat for you. Six carefully selected skins based on some of the most iconic characters from the series will add some ninja flair to your server and maybe even inspire your next build.

When it comes to a popular show like Naruto, skins are a dime a dozen. But if you’re like us and you take your Minecraft building – and perhaps role-playing – seriously, then you want the skins that look the most accurate.

Let’s start with the skins themselves.

Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto Minecraft Skin

He’s the main character and, arguably, the most lovable protagonist in anime history. If you’re going to be sporting this skin on your Minecraft server, you’re surely going to spark arguments with your friends. This particular version is by far the most accurate as it gets the orange of Naruto’s uniform right and includes the thigh holster on his right leg.

Credit: SiriusWolf on Skindex

Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke minecraft skin

He may be dark and brooding in the show but as a Minecraft character, Sasuke is just adorable. We love this particular version of this skin as it comes with the red Sharingan eyes Sasuke and his clan are known for. 

Credit: Cynly on Skindex

Haruno Sakura

Haruno Sakura minecraft skin

Sakura went through plenty of appearance changes throughout the show but her classic look from the first few seasons is probably the best. This skin includes the longer hair she was sporting during the early days of the show. It also includes her original ninja outfit. 

Credit: SebaVera04 on Skindex

Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi Minecraft Skin

The most iconic ninja teacher, Kakashi isn’t Kakashi without his signature eye covering, which is the version of the skin we went for in this list. The green tone of his vest is as close to the one in the show as it gets. Added details include the symbol on his back and his little pouch of ninja tools on his waist.

Credit: RealAV on Skindex


Jiraiya Minecraft Skin

Naruto’s second teacher, the pervy old sage master Jiraiya rounds up the key good guys from the show in this list. His long hair and head ornaments are intact and his outfit has quite a few details that ultimately make this the best version of his skin.

Credit: AkroGamer on Skindex


Orochimaru Minecraft Skin

It wouldn’t be Naruto without the demented main villain. In the show he may have wanted to get under Sasuke’s skin…literally but here he’ll have to suffice with us wearing his. This particular version is quite cool because of the added detail of the hair covering a portion of his face. It also maintains the outfit from the early seasons which is a nice touch of nostalgia.

Credit: SebaVera04 on Skindex

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