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Meet Babylon, a one man mission to rebuild the city and boy did he deliver! Created by Roi_Louis and all labor of love. The attention of detail is crazy! Be sure to watch the video below. Its almost like a movie, Maybe Indian Jones, will fly though the screen. You’ll have to to see for yourself.

Hi all !

I am really proud and happy to present you my biggest solo project:

*** Babylon ***

This build take me more than 450 hours of work.

In this project u can see :
– The famous ishtar gate of babylon
– The hanging garden
– The babel tower
– The nabuchodonozor Palace
– many temple
– many many many original babylonian houses

Dont forget to Diamond (clik on the diamond button at the top) this project
Favorite and subscribe if you like my work 🙂
It’s so easy and show me your support — Thanks —

I really want too thanks:

– Jujoue for the wonderfull video he made …more than 60 hours of work for your pleasure !

– Maruku for his render picture totally awesome !

– Tabernak and jujoue for the terraforming

– all ex members of the evenTime team who build one house in my project.


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