Large Pagoda/Tower

In case you don’t know, a Pagoda is a tiered tower commonly seen in Asian countries like Japan, China, Vietnam, etc. This towers were mostly used and built for religious purposes, often Buddhism or or Taoist in some less cases. Pagodas were usually build of wood but most of those didn’t survive the past of the time, now days is more common to still see standing the ones that were built of brick or stone.

Something interesting about pagodas and that you don’t have to worry about it in Minecraft is that they attract lightning strikes. It would be cool if you can build a Pagoda but after being stroked by one.

As a helping tip to make your Pagoda more authentic, they have usually odd numbers and the most ancient ones were made out of wood. If you follow those two quick tips this Pagoda could be a great addition to your Asian building set up.

Check out this images and get inspired by them.

minecraft tower Lighthouse6_204155 Lighthouse7_204126 Lighthouse8_204109

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  1. I can’t find blueprints for anything on this website. I found a download link, which didn’t work. There was no blueprints whatsoever. What’s the point of this website?

    1. I find amazing builds online and post them here. If they post blueprints, world downloads, etc I add them. This is a great site to inspire you to build stuff.

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