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Check it out! Play NESgames in minecrft xD Who would of thought!!!

Yes, we know this sound crazy but this youtuber was able to create a game inside of a game. This video might be old and we have seen similar things done since then but it was one – if not the first – time we same a simulation being played inside another simulation. This makes us remember that hypothesis about how we are living in a simulation, there is proof that we might be inside a video game playing a video game and now you can play a video game inside it too. Where does it stop?!

Okay, we might be kidding but there is a lot of people who believe this and we are no one to judge, I personally can’t say that 100% sure that is not the case. I don’t believe in the hypothesis but can’t totally refuse it.

As for the NESgames console in Minecraft, this crafter probably spent so much time building it so we were not able to find anything you can use on your own builds but if someone ever provides us with the files we will be happy to share them with you. In the meantime, enjoy watching this video.

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