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Working Ski Resort 3.0

Tempek Mountain Resort
Minecraft 1.11+
Working Ski Resort 3.0-

-Ride chairlifts, gondolas, and pomas.
-Ski on over 65 runs.
-Play several mini-games to earn money.
-Upgrade ski boots to ski faster.

How to Ride Lifts
The resort has 9 lifts. They give access to several mini-games and runs. To get in a lift, gondola, poma, or even bus, the trick is to have your players head completely inside the minecart before right clicking. On most lifts, there is a hole where you should stand to ensure this.

How to Play Mini-Games
The resort currently has 4 mini games, but in future updates more will be added. Use the map in the photos above to locate mini-games. Most games are intuitive. Some have brief instructions on signs at the game. Mini-games are the only ways to earn more money. You will be able to use this money to buy food, upgrade skis, and buy other items like elytra.

How to Ski
You will initially get skis at the airport when you arrive. These will be tier 1. There are four options. Choose one. Once you can afford it, you can buy tier 2, 3, and 4 boots in the large, jungle wood building in the base village. The ski boots will help you go faster. When you start out, don’t spend all your money buying ski boots. You need to save money for food.

Control Center
The control center is located in the base village. It is inside the building to the left of the Ski Boot Center (the jungle wood building). There are several game-changing options inside the center. For instance, you can turn off the day-night cycle. This is automatically on when you start out. There are other options as well.

You may die while skiing. If you do, you will respawn at the hospital in the base village. You will also be fined a hospital bill of $150. Just… try not to die.

Money, Credits, and Currency
When you spawn in the world, you will receive 150 credits. This is displayed on the scoreboard. You can earn more credits by playing mini games. See the map for mini game locations. To purchase ski boots, you will use credits. But, for almost everything else, you will need to use $ (gold ingots). You can turn credits into $ by using an ATM. These are located all over. See the map.

Additional Credits: Built by: Minimumwageminecraft


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