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Castle of Venthobri

We are glad to present a new member project : Castle of Venthobri made by Artase on the occasion of the release of the book “Apprends à construire ton château dans Minecraft”. Book made by Stéphane PILET. Renders: Ariah BaikinguYt Additional Credits: Build by Artase Screenshots

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Fafhrinduir | 5K Fantasy Terrain

The Fafhrinduir map the ancient lands of Fafhrinduir. It was originally thought legend, but it found again after 500 years. The tales were true. The legend says that the ancient giant paradise is to be guarded by guardians. Magnificent creatures ready to tear your limbs off by the slightest sign of hostility. The question is do you dare to explore …

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Mountain Valley Meadow | Ultra Realistic Terrain

Map Name: Mountain Valley Meadow Map Size: 2048 x 1024 Map Genre: RPG/Creative Author: chronomancer [ ] – Survival Ready [ X ] – Cheats Enabled [ ] – Caves and Caverns [ X ] – Clean Slate (no structures, etc) About the Map: This is a unique 2k x 1k mountain valley featuring smooth foothills and meadows that sweep …

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Pentium | 1k x 1k

I was fooling around with WM again and this was the output. Pretty neato, ay? Anyway, I ended up making an entire color spectrum for all of my terrain when trying to texture it. Hopefully you like it. Made with: WorldMachine and WorldPainter Made by: Indraft Renders by: Indraft Oh ye, thanks to Plutouthere for the tree pack, still need …

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Mountain and Floating Island Generator | Command Block

Hello everyone! This week I worked on a generator: a Mountain & Floating Island generator! Create awesome landscapes without downloading anything. All you have to do (as always) you need to copy the command from the pastebin website. Click on the pastebin link below to get the command. COMMAND INFO  Command  length: 31’511 characters Maximum command block space:  32’767 characters Time spent to make this …

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The Eyrie | Game of Thrones

“The Eyrie is the ancient seat of House Arryn. It is situated in the Mountains of the Moon astride the peak known as the Giant’s Lance, several thousand feet above the valley floor below. It’s considered impregnable to attack.” This is a 1:1 interpretation of the Eyrie, as depicted on the Game of Thrones TV show. It’s a massive castle, suspended in the air atop a huge …

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Shigeiwa-Akō Village

Hi everyone, I present you ” Shigeiwa – Akō ” my biggest project. This map is composed of two parts which are the city with its port and its houses, and the other part the temple and the dojo.I hope you will like it ! This construction was built on @LanguageCraft’s server, thanks to them 😀 If you like it, …

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Realistic Desert and Mountain Terrain

After a 3 month brake I am finally back with a new project. I want to thank all my subscribers for there inspiration. Story: Sorry I had no idea for a story about this terrain. If you have an idea please write a comment. MaP size is 2k. Includes multiple biomes Desert Forrest Spruce Forest Mountains This map is survival game play …

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Residence In The Mountains

The builder: Dalaxys Hello friends!) This is the construction and built about 2 weeks without mods, and used almost all of his skills, the former to me at the time. The embodiment of many of my ideas just one building! On the building: “The building is divided into several” levels “in height – at the top of the main building of …

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