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Nike Arena | Stadium

So, this one took me way more than I thought it would. About me My name is Liav, I’m 20, and I’m currently doing my mandatory service at the IDF, Israel. I started playing Minecraft when I was about 13, and it kinda turned into a hobby of mine, I’m also a musician and I have a band called Another …

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VivintSmartHome Arena | Utah Jazz

Back with another project that I am super excited to share with you. This time it is another stadium (or arena) that I built in about 5-6 days. The Vivint Smart Home Arena houses the NBA team, the Utah Jazz located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The stadium has capacity of about 20,000 people. Hope you guys like the project …

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Apogee Stadium | With Touchdown Rollercoaster

Apogee Stadium Home to the University of North Texas “Mean Green” Eagles football program. Built from 2009-2011 by the same design firm that created the new Cowboys Stadium or “AT&T Stadium”, Apogee has many unique aspects that make it special, most importantly the North endzone seating which resembles that of eagles wings. Thanks to the wind-turbines as well as the …

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World of Stadiums

Here is an amazing collection of stadiums built by Nicky_Troll 123 Below you will find a list of all the stadiums. Anfield: capacity: 45,000 Epic stadium:capacity: 37,000 Olympic stadium mini: capacity: 29,000 Rock stadium:capacity:49,000 Juventus stadium:capacity:41,000 Lol stadium:capacity:50,000 Quit arena:capacity:43,000 3stand stadium:capacity:44,000 Mini stadium:capacity:10,000 CS stadium:capacity: 23,000 Vela stadium:capacity: 40,000 Cliff stadium:capacity:55,000 Olympic Rock: capacity: 56,000 Orange Stadium: capacity: 42,000 Florence …

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