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Carville – Industrial city 1900-1930 | v 2.0

Hello everyone! finally we have a new map update: the city has grown considerably. What´s new? Train Station added Terraced houses added Industrial buildings added Vehicles (cars and trucks) added Primary School added church (made by Mezaka) added Ships (by ElipsisCruiseLines and Kostahansen) added Fields added British Cementery added Shipyard Crane (made by Urbanslick) added Railway tunnels added Trains added …

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BlockWorks Inc | Industrial

The builders: BlockWorks B L O C K W O R K S   I N C. How builds are really made…BlockWorks Inc. is the headquarters of the BlockWorks building team. From this vast industrial complex BlockWorks produces builds of all styles, themes and sizes. Whether it be the molding of wall details, or the texturing of organic statues, all of …

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Blackwind Metropolis A City in the Sky

The builder NinamanOfficial Ninaman here, and as some of you may know, I have been working on this build, Blackwind Metropolis: A City in the Sky for a while now. After 4 months of work, it is finally completed! It has been so much fun to build, experiment, and learn from working on. The build itself consists of floating islands with …

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Packing Cake | Factory

Minecraft build ideas packing cakes factory assembly line

Building a factory of some sort? Why not a packing cake factory! The picture above resembles a assembly line with a packer. This would be a nice touch to anything industrial and your not limited to just cakes!  

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