Realistic Volcano

So GeerafMinecraft went out of his way to build us all a nice giant realistic volcano we can download! Woot woot, I know I’ve wanted a massive mountain of doom. Just think of all the fun trap doors you could put on it!

Some words from the author GeerafMinecraft

So uh, for some reason, PMC won’t let me upload the 1080p version of the image above, so no HD sexiness for all of you :'(

Hey Guys! So I have come to a decision, on top of making My YouTube Videos, I am now going to be making maybe 1-2 mini-maps like this, EVERY WEEK!
My intention with this volcano was to make it as realistic looking as I possibly could, and I honestly think I hit the nail on the head pretty hard with this one.
You are free to use this map for whatever your heart desires, just as long as you give me the full credit I deserve.
If you guys have any suggestions for my next mini-map, I would love to hear them!
If you wanna see some more cool-ish stuff, head on over to My YouTube Channel 🙂

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