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How To Easily Make A Basic Render

Today I will be showing you how I make some basic but nice looking renders like the cover photo. I need to make a new render because there was more added to that build, so I decided I’d show the process in a tutorial. I’ve never done a tutorial before so bare with me if it’s sloppy.┬áIt helps if you already know the basics of these programs, but if not, I will try to explain stuff I do, just follow along.

Magica Voxel
Photoshop (or similar)

Step 1 – Preparing your build

Acquire your build from wherever you built it. In my case, I was building it on my own server, so I will use Filezilla to download the whole world. It’s a pretty large build so I can’t make a schematic of it in-game unfortunately.

Load the world in MCEdit. I’m using an old version, because the new version is buggy af. Locate your build and crop to what you need. I’ll be pruning all chunks that I don’t need, so it’s cleaner to use once I bring it in to chunky.

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 1

I’ll also be exporting a schematic to use in Magica Voxel

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 2

ctrl+q to quit mcedit

Step 2 – Magica Voxel

Open up the program and drag and drop the .schematic into the program.

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 3How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 4

Set up your angle and what not for your picture. This program is extremely simple to use, there are tool tips that tell you what to do near the bottom. I’ll be recreating the render in the cover photo but with the new builds on the map. I’ll change the number of light bounces to max (8), make the DOF super shallow, and increase the sunlight.

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 5

Now just wait for the blue bar on the top to finish moving and press F6 (export).

For chunky, do the same, get your angle, etc. And export it.

Step 3 – Photoshop

In the build, I used acacia and dark oak trees. They are gray and dark brown in-game, but magica voxel makes them orange, like an acacia plank. This is a slight problem, but we can fix that!

Open the render in Photoshop.

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 6

First I’ll do some color adjustments and stuff.

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 7

Now add a black & white adjustment layer. This will make the whole image black and white, obviously. But we only want to target the orange trees, making them gray like the color of the acacia log.

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 8

Fill the mask with black (black = hide, white = show). Then start masking only the trees so that they are gray instead of orange. Change brush hardness and flow accordingly. You can do a color range selection to fill in most of it for you and just do the rest by hand.

Should look like this:

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 9

Now to do some other adjustments. There should be some dark shadows on the bottom right of the build, under that cliff area, so I’ll go in add some some there and other places that I feel that need more dramatic shadows. As well as add some more dramatic light and highlights.

Add your watermark, and you’re done!

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 10

Magica voxel can also be used to make 360 gifs like below. If anyone wants to know how, hmu.

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 11 animated

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 12

Kevaasaurus for creating this tutorial.
Ephtracy for creating magica voxel

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