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Future CITY v4.1

  • “I’m the captain of a cruiser ship. The crew and I have been on mission for over three years. We’re now on the way home and everyone is eager to find friends and family. We’re finally back home, back to Future CITY. “

Visit the down town, air or land base, Area 2-57 or the new Greenhouse Area. See the Cruiser Spaceship, JetFighters or tanks. Try the SkyTrain and the different subways or use the teleporters to easily travel around the map. Take a look at the unique and amazing futuristic design of the city.

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future-city_4-1 future-city_4-1_11 future-city_4-1_12 future-city_4-0_02 future-city_4-1_10 future-city_4-1_13 future-city_4-1_15 future-city_4-0_03 future-city_4-0_06


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