Giant Hand

Its huge and ill take you all on!

If you think, why would I build a giant hand? Then we don’t have an answer for you. But if you think about it, there are several sculptures like this one and they are widely popular like “Mano del Desierto, Atacama Desert, Chile”, “Praying Hands, Tulsa, the United States”, “Hand of Harmony, Cape Homi, South Korea”, “Giant Hand at Bandung, Indonesia”, “The Hand, Madrid, Spain” , “Giant Hands of Venice”, “The Golden Bridge, Vietnam”, and lots more. What we are trying to say that this hands represent something interesting for some people but to most, it’s just a random sculpture but if the world has multiple hands just laying around, why your Minecraft world can’t have one?

Also, this Giant Hand can be placed anywhere. In this occasion it’s at the top of a mountain but you can use it as a decoration in the middle of a city too.

It’s just one more idea to fill up your world and what better than a random hand.

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