Volleyball Court

Looking to spice up the backyard? Or maybe you are building a gym, beach, or something close. Here is a …

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Kan’rah Observatory

The builder: CrayonCranium Tools Used: The VoxelModPack VoxelSniper WorldEdit     [ads2] 4.6/58 ratings

Olympic Stadium

The Builder: jduartemiller This is my first attempt at a stadium. It is to be the main stadium in an Olympic …

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Minecraft grandfather clock interior how to.png

Grandfather Clock | Detail

Found this from Reddit user NoodlesMinecraft This is the granddad of them all! Very well made! If you try it …

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Chroma High School

A build by Ditchy87 I’m here to present to you all one of my more ambitious projects, Chroma High School. Pretty …

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Terados | Castle and Village

Built by Lemon-Fox Finally it’s finished! We proudly present you our long lost project which we started about 2 years …

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FlappyBird MiniGame | 1.8

The Builder byBrutec Minecraft [1.8] – FlappyBird[MiniGame] Tested Version : Minecraft[14w05b] Built on a Vanilla Minecraft! Features: – Distance Counter …

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Galleon Aurora Ship Minecraft

Galleon Aurora | Ship

Here is a build by freekm1234. This ship was constructed on the Alereon server and over a week to construct. …

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