FlappyBird MiniGame | 1.8

The Builder byBrutec

Minecraft [1.8] – FlappyBird[MiniGame]
Tested Version : Minecraft[14w05b]

Built on a Vanilla Minecraft!
– Distance Counter up to 82
– 3 difficultys [Easy,Hard,Ultra]
– Randomly generated path for the Bird

This MiniGame has two rapid clocks!..that means if you have an weak Computer it might lag alot.

press Q (default) to drop Items and help Flappy to fly through the non-friendly Bird Level

Hope you’ll enjoy.



Minecraft 1.8 - FlappyBird Mini Game 2 Minecraft 1.8 - FlappyBird Mini Game 3 Minecraft 1.8 - FlappyBird Mini Game 4 Minecraft 1.8 - FlappyBird Mini Game 5 Minecraft 1.8 - FlappyBird Mini Game

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” width=”full” ]Download FlappyBird Mini Game | Requires Minecraft 1.8[/box]

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