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Olympic Stadium

The Builder: jduartemiller

This is my first attempt at a stadium. It is to be the main stadium in an Olympic village that i plan to build within my City project when i find the space for it. The stadium is the largest building i have ever made, and excluding my suspension bridge, it is the largest structure i have ever made, and easily the most complex. It has a standard 8 lane 400m track and a field in the center. The stadium is two tiered, with the first being a stand-alone structure, meaning that its structure is completely independent of the main structure. The second tier is supported by two of the four large arches that define the contour of the stadium.

The design of the stadium is defined by the four arches that span the entire stadium. These are designed to partially carry the load of the second tier seating, and to support the glazing (as there is both an enclosure outside of the seating, and the glass canopy). The lighting is also another key element in the design. The facade of the outer arch lights up the contours of the stadium, while the inner arches act as the stadium lighting. All of these lights are controlled by redstone from three switches (two for the exterior lights, one for the stadium lights) from the small building opposite the Olympic cauldron.

If you are wondering about the excessive circuitry in there, that was done in an effort to slow down the pulsing lights on the exterior arch. Even though it was slowed down to nearly a minute between pulses, my computer could not handle it, so i just left the lights on, which seems to avoid any issues. Feel free to edit the circuitry however you please, but be aware that it can slow down your computer significantly. There is a daylight kill switch on both lights, and manual kill switch to shut down the circuitry in the building. should you run into similar issues.

I used the Bolshoy Ice Dome in Sochi, a render of the Sochi Olympic stadium, and the proposed design for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as references, which were designed by SIC Mostovic, a collaboration between Populous and Buro Happold, and Zaha Hadid Architects respectively, and early on, the 1964 Tokyo stadium, designed by Mitsuo Katayama, had some influence as well.

Redstone Controls: 

  • Switch for outer arch lights
  • Switch for stadium lights
  • Daylight kill switches to exterior and stadium lights (automatic)
  • Manual kill switch for pulse circuit for outer arch lights (must connect redstone for the circuit to work, two are missing right near the center, as the loop circuit is not necessary to just turn on the lighting for the exterior arch)
  • Button for fireworks (connected to 48 dispensers)
  • Kill switch for fireworks

Note: Some redstone may not work due to the nature of sharing files, this is unavoidable. I have marked out all circuitry with stone should this occur.

Dimensions: 433 x 221 x 96 (There are some elements beneath ground, so, cauldron height is 92, stadium height is 50)

Using High Rossferry City Texture Pack 

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  1. Hey! This stadium is EPIC, so I was wondering if I could use it in a olympics map I’m going to make. Your name will be on the credits as a builder, alongside mine.

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