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Everyone’s looking for that adrenaline rush weather its driving 200 mph or jumping out of an airplane. For your adrenaline rush to kick in it doesn’t have to be that extreme. Flying down a roller coaster in minecraft can be just as much fun. Evey one has there own set of rules.  Below you will find a list of roller coasters I recently found that deserved to be shared with the world and hopefully get your heart going!


You must be this high to ride this roller coaster.
Crap were all the same height

Ruins Of The Gods minecraft roller coaster

Ruins of The Gods

 The Gods have awoken. They call your name. Answer Their Call.

The island Of Alterion has been uninhabited for many years. The Population had to flee during the Thunder Spear War. No One Came back. But how, when, why and by Who this rollercoaster was built, the World will never know.

Ello PMC!

~6 Minute Ride!

For our rollercoaster, we chose to do something a bit Greek Themed. Well, we tried our best, but there were a lot of complications. So here is our Entry., Ruins Of The Gods.



Ruins Of The Gods minecraft roller coaster 3 Ruins Of The Gods minecraft roller coaster 2




Levity ~ The Sky Coaster minecraft

Levity | The Sky Coaster

Hey guys, I got the idea for this coaster while my friend and I were building a roller coaster called “gravity”. I was thinking about doing something floating would be awesome, and we came up with “levity”!

Hopefully you guys like this roller coaster, it was done last minute as I wasn’t planning on doing the contest earlier then last second I decided I wanted to. Don’t forget to diamond if you want this in the finals!
DownloadLevity ~ The Sky Coaster minecraft 2 Levity ~ The Sky Coaster minecraft 3




Spaghetti - Steampunk amusement park-city minecraft

Spaghetti | Steampunk amusement park-city

Hello !

Spaghetti is my project to a rollercoaster contest . I built a wooden old -style amusement park with steampuk houses. All over the map extends rollercoaster . It all built solo. Spaghetti contains minigame – more below 😉 Epic second render was made by ABYCIA – thank you Abycia !


The map features :

  • ferris Wheel
  • rollercoaster
  • Steampunk houses
  • Stalls jugglers
  • Flying lamps
  • some redstone
  • You can change if you wanna to play in day or night

Rollercoaster includes:

  • about 2 000 blocks ! (about 4 minutes)
  • minigame -You get a bow and arrow to shoot the red targets located on the map. The shot hit the diamond you get 🙂 Good luck!
  • journey through the waterfall
  • a lot of fireworks
  • dropped from a great height
  • lots of twists


  • everything is built solo
  • map of the island was created by Hypiksel for this contest
  • programs which I used : chunky , MCEdit , gimp , picasa .
  • sorry for my english

Spaghetti - Steampunk amusement park-city minecraft 2 Spaghetti - Steampunk amusement park-city minecraft 3




The Madness Medley [DL] - Rollercoaster 3

The Madness Medley

We welcome you the Madness Fairgrounds! Home to the famous 4 Track Rollercoaster – with a randomizer altering which route you take, you never know what adventure you’ll run into.

Download NOW Available! (12/10/2013)

So far we have a bunch of cool things for you to check out – Coaster through a giants mouth – Drop through disappearing tracks, Ender Dragon, Wither, little mini statues of all the builders, dolphins, sand snakes, giant dinosaur, working loop to loop (completely ride-able) A race against villagers, a potential fall to the pits of hell, floating squares of illusion, Mountain monsters and tons more.
11 Minutes Riding Time!

There’s a bunch of redstone + command block powered features, so if you want to unlock the full experience of the Madness Medley, and it works fine with Vanilla Minecraft. The best way to ride this is in CREATIVE mode, as some of the ride does damage you. The world save will be given hopefully by the end of the week, only one track to shine up!

If you like this, throw us a diamond! We’re in the running for the Rollercoaster competition and would love the support from the PlanetMineCraft Community! When this is complete, we will provide the world save. We know you guys will have a blast trying this out.
DownloadThe Madness Medley [DL] - Rollercoaster 2  The Madness Medley [DL] - Rollercoaster



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