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MinePark | A Minecraft Theme Park

iRiZ Gaming has been working on this theme park with extreme dedication and integrity for the past couple of weeks. It features multiple coasters, mazes, parkour, mini golf, pixel art and more! Please leave comments and suggestions below, as we will be updating the map with tweaks!

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Minecraft Building Ideas | 100+

Below you will find a list of ideas on what to build in the popular Minecraft game! These are just suggestions and the list it essentially limit less! Have other ideas? Let us know in the comments below! Here we go: Zoo School Farm Space Station Dump Truck Highway Colossus of Rhodes House Police Station Theme Park College Campus Gas …

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Wacky World of Roller Coasters

Everyone’s looking for that adrenaline rush weather its driving 200 mph or jumping out of an airplane. For your adrenaline rush to kick in it doesn’t have to be that extreme. Flying down a roller coaster in minecraft can be just as much fun. Evey one has there own set of rules.  Below you will find a list of roller …

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Frosty Rollercoaster – |Download|Fun|Cold|Detail|

Hello everyone and welcome to the Frosty Cold Roller coaster. This is a roller coaster that I used with Single Player Commands to build the path but then placed rail by rail and torch by torch to make this thing happen. The download link is down in the description and this is also located on my PMC account [ _Gr33kGodz_ …

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