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Use Cauldrons For Detailed Ceilings

Reddit user serenthyr points out a great use for cauldrons which I’m sure many have never thought of trying. The use of cauldrons for your ceiling brings that extra necessary detail to a room. Since light can shine though them your able to put your light source above the cauldrons hiding your torches or anything else you use. The downside is you lose that creepy effect!

The only downside to this is if your playing survival it gets offly expensive to create esp if there is a lack of iron.

What about an iron farm? How does that work?

There are varying ranges of complication for different farms, but the general idea is you trap enough villagers with enough registered village doors arranged in a way so that the centerpoint of the village is in an area of water which funnels to a lava killing trap. Iron Golems spawn in the water and get taken to the lava and you collect their iron drops.

Example Video:

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