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How To Build a RV / Camper | Tutorial

Who doesn’t love road trips? Specially if they are done in a nice RV. I haven’t done it but it’s on my wish list, spend a few months just going around the country on an Camper RV, visiting some nice places and playing Minecraft when I get tired of driving (need to figure out how much electricity I will need to get my computer to work for long periods of time lol).

So, if you also like that idea but as same as me, you haven’t been able to do it at least you can try to fulfill your dreams by building an RV on Minecraft. We hope in the meantime this is enough.

Here is another tutorial by Keralis showing us how to build a RV / Camper! He makes the very easy to follow and his voice is fun to listen to! So follow the video above and lets see what you can build!

Texture Pack: Flows HD

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