Temple of Notch

The Temple Of Notch: Fully Interactive Redstone Notch Mountain Idol!

Updated to work in Minecraft 1.4.x


  • Animated face of Notch
  • Random Judgments
  • Notch tears
  • Lava deaths
  • Many Gold and Diamonds

This face of Notch will be there judging you in the temple and will bless you with wealth or send you to the deep insides of earth, kinda like a Minecraft version of Santa. To get your luck you have to put your offering to the Notch in the Well of Destiny which will open the door to the audience.

In case your first offering results doesn’t turn out how you wanted it you can try again, but first get your first offering before placing the second one.

Watch the video to get more information and find the more information about this Temple of Notch in the crafter profile.

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