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Avengers Skins and Stark Tower

MCU and Avengers fans, ever wanted to recreate your favorite moments from the movies and comic books? Minecraft is the perfect platform to do just that and we’ve got the perfect set of downloadables to get you started.

We’ve got 5 of the best looking Avengers skins that will allow you to embody your favorite heroes. We’re also sharing a tutorial on how to create one of the most iconic buildings in Marvel history.

Let’s start with the skins themselves.

Captain America

Captain America skin

The First Avenger himself in all his glory, this skin made by SkindexSkinoSkins is the most faithful to his movie version. It’s got some nice details with shading and elements of Cap’s costume and his iconic shield can be found on the back of the skin.

Credit: SkindexSkinoSkins at Skindex

Iron Man

Iron Man skin

The Iron Avenger isn’t only the richest hero on the squad, he’s also the snazziest looking in this Minecraft incarnation. Made by Aydan231 over at Skindex, it boasts so nice details and shading that make it look like the movie version of Iron Man’s armor. The back details are also a nice touch. Too bad it doesn’t shoot power beams from its palms.

Credit: Aydan231 at Skindex


Thor skin minecraft

The Son of Odin and God of Thunder looks quite adorable in this Minecraft rendition. You’ve got the epic beard and the cape that really bring the skin closer in line with the movie version of Thor. Too bad it’s not possible to make a Minecraft version of everyone’s favorite, Fat Thor.

Credit: SkindexSkinoSkins on Skindex


Hulk skin

Minecraft may not do him justice size-wise, but this skin definitely captures the might of the strongest Avenger. This skin, made by NevGamingz, fully captures that “you won’t like me when I’m angry” feel we all love about Bruce Banner’s alter ego. You’re obligated to yell “SMASH” every time you mine while wearing this skin.

Credit: NevGamingz on Skindex

Black Widow

Black Widow skin

Last but not least, the spy/ninja style Avenger we all fell in love with, Natasha Romanoff looks just as badass as she does in the movies. This skin, made by HarryPotterFan12 on Skindex, is both gorgeous and cute at the same time. Bonus points for going for the long-haired version of Black Widow here.

Credit: HarryPotterFan12 on Skindex

Stark Tower

Stark Tower Minecraft

It wouldn’t be an Avengers scene without Stark Tower, the team’s base of operations and home to some of the best moments in the movies. This tutorial was made by RuggedEagle over on YouTube and their channel is pretty cool if you want to see some more builds like this one. There’s no downloadable component but you can assemble your fellow Avengers to come help you build this baby up in no time.

Credit: RuggedEagle on YouTube

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