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Sky Haven

The builder: Captain rajkkor

Sky Haven: Sky Haven is a small Elven Kingdom, the elves of Sky Haven are famous for their floating islands and trade via the Sky ships. however, recently a dragon by the name of Vermathrax have assaulted the borders of the small kingdom and the elves are trying to repel him. he pose a great threat to the kingdom and the queen who resides in Eldamiere Castle. now it’s up to you to explore this small kingdom.

The map includes: 

  • 12 houses
  • 2 Towers
  • 2 big ships
  • 2 medium ships
  • 3 smal ships
  • 10 islands
  • 1 castle
  • 1 dragon

Texturepack: Dokucraft creative

Sky Haven Minecraft building ideas floating 2 Sky Haven Minecraft building ideas floating 3 Sky Haven Minecraft building ideas floating 4 Sky Haven Minecraft building ideas floating 5 Sky Haven Minecraft building ideas floating
For the best experience play this map on a bukkit server with worldguard (leaf decay and fire spread turned off)
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  1. Hay there , may i use this map for our Sever Spawn , and maybe do some a little change for map , and hope we can have your Agreement =)
    thanks , goodday


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