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Sand Traps

Below is a video tutorial on how to build some sand traps.  I’m not talking about 1 trap. This guy shows us multiple traps!

Traps are always fun to build but we havent seen many tutorials like this one explain step by step how to build a trap from zero. Traps can be used to kill other players or mobs. Video is about 22 minutes long but we can assure you it will be fun to watch and will inspire you to build your own.

If you like playing multiplayer and want to get better at killing other players it’s a good idea you start watching videos like this one and following tutorials online, which they are a lot, to get more experience building them and you can go from the basic traps to more extreme ones. Explosive traps for example, use TNT to harm your targets and there are multiple ways to set them up. But don’t just use TNT, there is so many other ideas and components you can use to build them.

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